Pastel – Recent murals and artworks

Since his pieces for Milestone ProjectMemorie Urbane or Walk&Talk Azores and the duo show with ElianPastel has been working on several new murals and had his personal exhibition ‘Lethal’ in Mexico.

The artist continues to use flora as key symbol in his street art, but also on canvas and in his recent installations, reflecting the poisonous roots of society today and human nature. Man made tools are also recurrent elements, as deathly as the plants they coexist with.

There is rarely a trace of life presence in the works, and when he does include such an element, we only view the silhouette, as a memory of a living form which remains hollow like a shadow, intangible as if long gone. Man’s interference in the wild is highlighted especially in the urban landscape, where nature reclaims its space on the city walls.

Pastel - No amnesia

Pastelfd- No amnesia

‘No amnesia’, West Palm Beach, USA, Canvas Festival

Pastelfd - Huemul

Pastelfd - Huemul

‘Huemul’, Barrio La Paternal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pastelfd - Main Pollution

Pastelfd - Main Pollution

‘Main Pollution’, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Pastelfd - In-situ ka´aguy

Pastelfd - Lethal 01, acrylic on canvas, 95x70

Pastelfd - Eternal over ephemeral, photo glicée on cotton paper, 105x70

Part of the artist’s exhibition ‘Lethal’, Balneario Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico, October 2015

“When we speak of lethality, we speak mainly of: actions, products and the phenomena provoked (or not) of high probability and effectiveness at the moment of inducing death upon a living being. There is no difference in values between nature and humans. This is the only commonality between those two, and the social chaos is the interpretation of differentiating these terms. (…) The static presence of lethal, poisonous flora as symbolism in this society, is used as medium to question the identity and meaning of man and place, public and private, caused by many diverse factors.”

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Images © Pastel

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