Recent paintings by Alex Gardner

Los Angeles based artist Alex Gardner finds meaning, artistic and emotional value in the human figure, which he depicts in a minimalist manner, often through a powerful contrast between the dark skin and white clothing, with no environment to reveal a certain context but rather a mood, inspired by real life experiences.

Although referring to identity, the characters, both men and women silhouettes, remain anonymous, expressive only through their contorted and unnatural pose or their behavior, in moments of fragile and mimetic connection or of anxiety, conflict and tension. They do not appear to work together as a team, thus the impression of competition, of relationships built on interest or led by egocentric desires. There is also a sense of absurdity in the way these figures relate to one another, in their actions and, perhaps, if they could speak, in their words as well. The geometric landscapes contribute to the beautiful simplicity of the painting and the ambiguity of the work itself.

The artist, who recently had an exhibition in London, explores human nature in a way that guides towards the essence of a multitude of feelings and mind states that seem so distant from our own at a first glance, yet are so familiar at a closer look, when confronting the inner struggles and demons, the fear, unease and violence inside.

Alex Gardner - It could be simple

‘It could be simple’, 42×60 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G - Can't See (How full my hands are)

‘Can’t See (How full my hands are)’, 42×60 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G

48×72 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G - Team exploitation

‘Team exploitation’, 30×24 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G - Triangle

‘Triangle’, 48×36 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G

36×24 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G - It was funny in retrospect

‘It was funny in retrospect’, 17×14 inches, acrylic on wood

Alex G

16×12 inches, acrylic on wood

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Images © Alex Gardner

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