The murals of David de la Mano

The attraction of the void, the continuous rotation inside the vortex in a powerful contrast of black and white, the disoriented human and animal figures heading towards nowhere, perhaps lost in their search for a home or sometimes armed as if a great battle awaits them, all reflect the human condition today, the inert flow of life and overwhelming wait, the imprisonment of the mind in a context where dreams are nothing but deceptions, almost impossible to achieve.

The cycle has no beginning, no end, there is only the idea of a potential destination outlined in the murals and street interventions of David de la Mano, yet it remains intangible. There is no hint to what unites these beings or the causes of their journey, no identity to indicate who they are, their pose and gestures only suggest an uncertain direction. And it is this beautiful ambiguity revealed in abandoned spaces where time stands still that holds meaning and emotion in an attempt to awake and move the viewer.

David de la Mano - Deambulantes

DaviddelaMano - Deambulantes

DaviddelaMano - Deambulantes

‘Deambulantes’, for Wang Festival, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

David de la Mano

DaviddelaMano - Brandalism 2015

Work part of the Brandalism project

DaviddelaMano - collaboration with SEIKON

DaviddelaMano - collaboration with SEIKON

Collaboration with SEIKON in an abandoned factory in Gdynia, Poland

DaviddelaMano - with Pablo Harimbat Gualicho, Montevideo

DaviddelaMano - with Pablo Harimbat Gualicho

Collaboration with Pablo Harimbat “Gualicho”, La blanqueada, Montevideo

DaviddelaMano - Errantes

DaviddelaMano - Errantes

‘Errantes’, La Blanqueada, Montevideo

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Images courtesy of David de la Mano.

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