Animation Marathon 6

We are back with our Animation Marathon with a special selection of short animated films, inspiring, powerful and thought-provoking stories.

‘Zero Cycle’ by Daehyun Kim

The short stop-motion animation is inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot’.

‘The Guardian’, produced by N9ve and directed by Alessandro Novelli

“The Guardian is a free interpretation of the parable ‘Before the Law’ from Kafka’s book ‘The Trial’. A peasant after traveling the world arrives in front of a gate, controlled by a fearsome Guardian. The peasant tries to pass through but the Guardian denies him entrance. Peasant and Guardian are the same character, the peasant, like each one of us, in front of his own fear; the guardian, something shapeless, that surrounds and controls him.”

Full credits here.

‘Oak’ by Jeroen Ceulebrouck

“A lonesome woodcutter living a peaceful life in the woods. Although something seems to be a little off. A strange obsession seems to control his everyday life.”

‘No Signal’ by Katharina Huber

“The violence is planned. Whether as a protest or simply a statement, the manifesto and the stone to throw are ready. Now it’s a matter of waiting, killing time and mentally preparing for the confrontation. Like a warrior. But the fear won’t go away and every sound, every movement reminds you of what may be about to happen.” – Annegret Richter (DOK Leipzig 2015)

‘The Garden’ by Luminița Dumitrache

3000 animated frames show “the interdependency between humans, plants and insects, which are all part of the cycles found in nature. The starting point was a series of watercolor paintings which defined the visual style of the animation along with the colors and textures reminiscent of the natural environment.”

‘Made in China’ by Vincent Tsui

“Figurines try to imitate the human everyday life but they are facing limitations due to their toy situation.”

‘It’s not you (C’est pas toi)’ by Isaac Holland / Narration by David Savage

“An experimental narrative about a man searching for his other half in the wrong places.”

‘Typewriterhead’ by Eric Giessmann

“A man with a typewriter-head tries to get rid of his out-of-control thoughts.”

More info here.

‘The Cabinet Decision’ by Mayan Engelman

“Israel and Palestine, two entities competing over their One beating heart. Will they both survive?”

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Featured image for the post © Katharina Huber.