Memorie Urbane 2015: Pastel, Millo, Vesod, Pablo S. Herrero

New pieces were painted in the past month at Memorie Urbane 2015 street art festival in Italy. Here are the highlights and a few insights about each mural.



In the recent mural by Pastel (interviewed), entitled “Non ora (Not now)” and painted in Gaeta, Italy, the African plants symbolize the native roots of people migrating to Europe.

Pastel in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Photos: Flavia Fiengo



In the city, advertising plays a major role in shaping mentalities, but also in fabricating identities that we easily borrow, usually unaware of this and often loosing track of who we really are. The new piece by Millo (featured) in Gaeta reflects the moment of return to our self, looking deep inside us to rediscover our path, away from the city rush, the imposed desires and false characters.

Millo in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Photos: Flavia Fiengo


Pablo S. Herrero

Pablo S. Herrero (featured) has painted an old rehabilitated mill in Arce, Italy, with the support of the festival and Associazione 56 K. According to the artist, “The first sense” is based on the writings of Jan Svankmajer, Czech artist and filmmaker, who said that the sense of touch is the first to experience by a human being.

Pablo S. Herrero in Arce/ Photo: Dante Corsetti

First photo: Dante Corsetti



Geometry and the figurative find their futuristic intersection in the mural of Vesod, recently completed in Gaeta, exploring immateriality, duality and, as in other works by the Italian artist, the idea of representing the three dimensions of space and the time all in a single moment, a present which becomes eternal, allowing the self to experience all its possible stages simultaneously.

Vesod in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Photos: Flavia Fiengo

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