Walk&Talk Azores Festival 2015 Recap

Walk&Talk Azores Festival has reached its 5th edition this year (July 17th – August 1st) as an intersection point between various disciplines, transforming the island of São Miguel into a laboratory for contemporary artistic creation and experimentation. An extraordinary cultural platform, encouraging a permanent dialogue with the Azorean territory, culture and local community, Walk&Talk gathers creators from different artistic expressions and backgrounds, from visual to performing arts, architecture, design, film and more.

The Public Art Circuit already includes around 80 pieces of artistic interventions. Their Residence program makes possible the idea of co-creation between local and foreign artists, presenting in 2015 contemporary dance, a photography lab, architecture, through a collaborative and participatory process involving Architecture students from the University of the Azores and the local community, land art interventions, resulting from the collaboration between visual artists, designers and artisans, crossing traditional techniques with new conceptual models, which allows the transition to new media and products. The Walk&Talk Gallery hosted exhibitions, concerts, screenings, talks, while their educational program included workshops and open classes.

Walk&Talk is a project initiated by “ANDA&FALA Interpretação Cultural”, a cultural non-profit association dedicated to the promotion and integration of public and spaces through art, taking an active role in the development of regional cultural and creative industries, highlighting this as a strategic sector to the sustainable development of the Azores.

Here are a few highlights from the 2015 edition.

Pastel (featured) –  “Vascular endemism” / Images via the artist

±MAISMENOS± (Miguel Januário) / Images via the artist’s Instagram. Watch how his ingenious machinery works.

Vhils – work in progress, collaboration in Rabo de Peixe / Images via the artist

2501 – “9 islands/end-beginning”, the first work of the artist using gold leaf instead of paint for the gold parts. First photo via the artist, second image via Walk&Talk.

Freddy Sam – “The road of solidarity” / Photos by Rui Soares

Christopher Derek Bruno/ Images via the artist

Filippo Minelli / Images via Walk&Talk

Videos by José Pando Lucas (view photos taken during his residence)

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More info on the festival’s website, on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube.

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Featured image for the post: Christopher Derek Bruno, photo by Rui Soares via Walk&Talk.