Walk&Talk Azores Festival 2014 Recap

The 4th edition of Walk&Talk Azores Festival took place this year between July 18th and August 3rd in the Island of São Miguel, gathering international artists from different fields, with a focus on murals, installation and performance, and offering opportunities of co-creation experience, workshops and more.

Indeed, as the organizers – Anda&Fala – Interpretação Cultural – describe their initiative, “here, the work is born from creative sharing, in full fusion with nature, culture and local community”. Using various techniques, many artists referred to the relationship and interaction between human and nature, highlighting certain elements – water, earth, air – and harmoniously integrating their interventions in the public space.


Public Art Circuit 

Installations, murals and performances in streets, squares and buildings of São Miguel island.

Hyuro / Photo: Sara Pinheiro

Hyuro / Photo: Sara Pinheiro via Walk&Talk. View more here.

Mural for Walk&Talk Azores Festival

Obie Platon / Read interview

Mariana, a Miseravel / Photo: Rui Soares

Mariana, a Miserável / Photo: Rui Soares via Walk&Talk

Fidel Evora / Photo: Sara Pinheiro

Fidel Evora / Photo: Sara Pinheiro via Walk&Talk.

Iza Rutkowska / Photo: Rui Soares

Iza Rutkowska / Photo: Rui Soares via Walk&Talk

Robert Panda / Photo: Rui Soares

Robert Panda / Photo: Rui Soares via Walk&Talk


Labuenaylamala / Photo via the artist

Susana Aleixo Lopes

Ephemeral Reminder. From Sea – To Earth (2014), Susana Aleixo Lopes / Photo via the artist

Susana Aleixo Lopes

Ephemeral Reminder. From Air – To Sea (2014), Susana Aleixo Lopes/ Photo via the artist

Jorge Santos

Vista sobre o arvoredo (2014), Jorge Santos / Photo via the artist

View more here.


Walk&Talk Gallery

The major laboratory of the festival and the meeting point between creators and the public. A work and creation space that hosts the majority of program activities, as well as the Special Projects and the “Drawing” Collective Exhibition.

Pascal Ferreira

Pascal Ferreira

Pascal Ferreira / Photos via the artist

Christos Voutichtis / Photo: Rui Soares

Christos Voutichtis / Photo: Rui Soares via Walk&Talk

Retiro (2014), Joao Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira / Photo: Rui Soares

Retiro (2014), João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira/ Photo: Rui Soares via Walk&Talk

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