At the beginning of 2015 we joined forces with Work in Progress for INTERSECTION, a contemporary art and urban culture event which took place on May 29th and 30th at Halele Carol, in Bucharest. This is our second collaboration with Work in Progress, following the 2013 event at Ciclop Garage.

This time, we focused on the concept of intersection, inviting artists from different fields to picture a connection between the space, image, sound and motion that would be experienced by visitors through a 2 full day program which included a print, sculpture and installation exhibition, live performances, a special selection featuring avant-garde short films screened during the nine editions of NexT Film Festival, workshops, visuals and DJ sets (more info about the activities and artists involved in the event & video teasers here).



Official video of the event


Exhibition Overview

Artists/ Print exhibition: Aitch, Bast, Raluca Băraru, Ion Bârlădeanu (H’art Gallery), Lucian Baraitaru, Otilia Cadar, Mimi Ciora, Liviu Coman, Amalia Dulhan, Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu, Victor Fota, Loreta Isac, Horaţiu Lazăr, Cristina Matei, Oliver Merce, Florin Pantilimon, Mihaela Paraschivu, Pisica Pătrată, Mircea Popescu, Lea Rasovszky, Saddo, Diana Stanciu/ Ignissa, Sorina Vazelina.

Artists/ Sculpture & Installation: Obie Platon, Ileana Oancea, Cătălin Oancea, Mihai Chiţu, Ramona Șlug, Serebe.



Photos: Cristina Matei

Obie Platon/ Photo: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu

Installation by Obie Platon (read interview and features)/ Photo: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu

Ileana Oancea/ Photo: Victor Oancea

Ileana Oancea/ Photo: Victor Oancea

Cătălin Oancea/ Photo: Victor Oancea

Ileana and Cătălin Oancea/ Photo: Victor Oancea

First work by Ileana Oancea (view features), second by Cătălin Oancea (view features)/ Photos: Victor Oancea

Ileana Oancea/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Ileana Oancea/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Ileana Oancea (details)/ Photos: Diana Ignissa

Mihai Chițu

Mihai Chițu / Photo: The re:art

Ramona Șlug/ Photo: The re:art

Ramona Șlug/ First photo: The re:art/ The following two photos: Diana Ignissa

Aitch – “Danger” (read our interview with her)/ Photo right: Andrei Craioveanu

Saddo – “Breaking Dawn” (read our interviews with him)/ Photo right: Andrei Craioveanu

Intersection with the bookIntersection with the book
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Posted by Loreta Isac on Monday, May 25, 2015

Loreta Isac – “Intersection with the book” (view previous features)

Right: Bast

Florin Pantilimon/ Photo: Cristina Matei

Florin Pantilimon - Autoportret

Florin Pantilimon – “Self-portrait” (read interview and features)/ Photo: Cristina Matei

Mihaela Paraschivu - Emotions

Mihaela Paraschivu – “Emotions” (view our previous feature)

Left: Lea Rasovszky – “Eu Efectuó” (read interview and features)

Right: Amalia Dulhan – “Nitesky” (read interview and features)

Left: Victor Fota – “Confortable introspection” (view our features with the artist)

Right: Sorina Vazelina – “Storyreteller”

Otilia Cadar and Liviu Coman - Spacefish

Otilia Cadar (featured) and Liviu Coman – “Spacefish”

Ion Bârlădeanu

Ion Bârlădeanu / H’art Gallery

Left: Raluca Băraru – “Anatomia amorului”/ Part of “Anatomies project” (read interview)

Right: Pisica Pătrată – Untitled (read interview and features)

Left: Mircea Popescu (featured) – “Synthetic Death”

Right: Mimi Ciora (featured) – “The Birth of the Unknown”

Diana Stanciu (Ignissa)/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Diana Stanciu – Ignissa – “Perfuzia Urbană”/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Oliver Merce/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Oliver Merce (featured) – “Age specific”/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

Lucian Baraitaru - Contraste

Lucian Baraitaru (Dincolo de Fațade) – “Contraste”

Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu - Svendborg, Denmark

Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu – “Svendborg, Denmark”

Left: Horațiu Lazăr (featured)  “Shit Happens”

Right: Cristina Matei – “Train”

Serebe/ Photo: The re:art



The event also hosted workshops and a drawing corner supported by POSCA. Librăria Jumătatea Plină brought a special collection of comics, fanzines and posters, and Ioana Mischie from STORYSCAPES, the first Romanian association focusing on transmedia storytelling and interactive narratives, had a workshop on transmedia storytelling, as well as an interactive installation.

Comics from Librăria Jumătatea Plină

Librăria Jumătatea Plină

STORYSCAPES Installation

STORYSCAPES Installation

Photos: Diana Ignissa

There were also live performance acts (Beatrice Tudor, Alina Tofan, Cristina Tudor, Mariana Gavriciuc, Petra Binder) and fire performances by Drum’n’Fire.

Left: Drum’n’Fire/ Photo: Udr Ovidiu. Right: Live performance/ Photo: Diana Ignissa

POSCA also had several activities with artists Kadna (featured), Cutărică (read interview), Zoița (read interview) among their guests.

Finally, each day ended with the special selection of short films by NexT and with parties, and visuals by 360view.

Photo: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu

Photo: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu

Photos: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu

• •

Many thanks to all the nice people who joined the event and to our sponsors and partners for their trust and constant support in making this happen.

Organizers: Work in Progress & / Communication & PR:
Main partner: Zeppelin
Sponsors: Grolsch, AQUA Carpatica, Red Bull, Jägermeister, THE PLOT, POSCA
The official car of the event: Toyota
Partners: NexT, Brigada de Voluntari, Grup Aşa,, Music Gear, Misbits
Filming/ editing: 360view & Haihai
Visual identity: Cosmin Sandu and Radovanovici Delia

Go to Work in Progress Facebook page for more photos.