Urban Art Videos – Part 5

We are continuing our Urban Art Videos series with some of the latest and major graffiti interventions and street art projects, with interviews and recaps of international events, as well as film recommendations.


Artist interventions, projects, insights

BLU in Campobasso, Italy, for Draw the Line festival.


Fintan Magee – ‘Man Bites Dog’ 

“The painted figure in this artwork not only relates to the journalistic saying ‘Man Bites Dog’ but it is also symbolic of the master/ lapdog relationship of the media mogul and the news consumer.” (Fintan Magee)

Vhils – “Incision”

We are all products of the chaos that surrounds us, says Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto – aka Vhils – in André Santos’s film, which documents the indigenous village of Araçaí, Brazil, where 90 Guaraní people were moved by the government at the turn of this century, displacing them from their ancestral lands. Immortalizing these forgotten people, Farto carves their portraits onto buildings and the doors of their homes – mixing indigenous and new techniques – giving them the voice and dignity they have been denied.” (read more on NOWNESS)

Borondo – “Kouroi” for Meeting del Mare 2015

According to the artist, the installation is made of 16 panels of plexiglass painted and hanged on street light of the waterfront of Marina di Camerota. The animation is a stop motion composed by the 16 panels shoot in loop. Animation technical support by Fabiano Caputo. (more info)

KATSU Drone Drawing

“I was looking at a few locations for the right stage to do the piece. Any billboard of that scale in a city like New York would probably have some shallow celebrity, but the Kendall Jenner billboard was appropriate because she represents this internet divine right. Kim Kardashian is constantly monitored, she’s the number one most followed human being on planet earth on social media. Kendall Jenner is this attempt at handing the scepter. The billboard fit the use of the tool, but also made for a nice conversation and a nice painting. I work on smaller, gallery sized canvasses and that was the first time I painted at that scale and distance. It was really powerful to interact with and guide the drone in that setting.” (read more)

Banksy in Gaza / Video released in February 2015

Shepard Fairey: OBEY This Film/ Film & edit by Brett Novak

NemO’s in Madrid for Espositivo Gallery (check our feature with him)

JR for The New York Times (more info)

Sainer for Underdogs / Lisbon 2015


Festivals & Events

Nuart Festival Recap by HYPEBEAST featuring a short interview with festival founder and curator Martyn Reed (also view our recap of the 2014 edition).

Agostino Iacurci for the “Appearance and Disappearance” solo exhibition at Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milano.

Finok @ Underdogs Gallery (View exhibition recap)

PUBLIC: Art in the Pilbara 2014 by Form (view recap of the PUBLIC 2014 and 2015 editions)

RUN – “Parabola di G” @ Howard Griffin Gallery London / November 2014. Film and animation by Gastone Clementi.


Films & Documentaries 

SURFACE by Danish photographer Søren Solkær features portraits of many of the most prominent figures on the contemporary scene as well as the pioneering icons, including over 140 artists who have been photographed with their artwork in urban locations spanning Copenhagen, Stavanger, London, Miami, Paris, Las Vegas, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin. The project included the launch of a book, available here, and several exhibitions. You can follow the project on Instagram for exclusive photos.

Danish filmmaker Tine Reingaard has been documenting a major part of the making of SURFACE. A 28-minute TV documentary has been shown on Danish National TV, and a full length documentary is in the making, according to the information on the Facebook page of the project.

JR – “Les Bosquets”

“Based on the story of Ladj Ly and the performance of the ballet Les Bosquets of New York City Ballet (2014) inspired by the riots in the French suburbs in 2005, JR reveals its experience in the ghetto of Montfermeil where he created his first project, Portrait of a Generation. This film is a continuation of this 10 years project, for which he uses various means of expression and narration: video archives, choreography and testimony”.

White Walls Say Nothing” is a feature length documentary which explores the relationship between art and activism, and the complex dynamics of repression and expression throughout Buenos Aires’ turbulent history.

An interview with Miia Haavisto, producer for the documentary film Pixadores, taken during One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, video by Veioza Arte.

A short film about OSGEMEOS produced by Ben Mor.

2501 and G. Matta – “On the brink of disaster” micromentary, part of the solo show “NOMADIC EXPERIMENT – on the brink of disaster” by 2501 @ Wunderkammern.

The Deepest Depths of the Burrow/ Director: Christian Fischer. Narrated by: NYCHOS

AMO-TE LISBOA – An Ignominious Street Art Movie, upcoming full-lenght film which narrates two months of wild and unauthorized painting in the streets of Lisbon by Canemorto, with Borondo as one of the artists featured in the film.
Video & Pics: Tanguy Bombonera.

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Featured image for the post: NemO’s / Photo by EDSANCA.