Urban Art Videos – Part IV

We are back with new urban art videos – festivals and exhibitions recap, artist interviews and insights, documentaries and more. Also check Part IIIII and I, and read our article about censored/ removed murals and the commercial use of graffiti and street art, as well as the one about Art Basel and Wynwood.


Artist interventions, projects, insights

Obie Platon – Interview for Digicult

Isaac Cordal180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014 (view his exhibition “Moments de Solitude” at SpaceJunk)

Aryz – “El fin justificado” / Project led by SC Gallery + Art Management, 2014

Ella & Pitr @ 180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014

VHILSLeBasse Projects

Zio Ziegler – “The Pursuit of Human Potential”

TAKI 183 Interview


Festivals & Events

Walk&Talk Azores Festival 2014 Recap

ArteSano / Film by Axel Void and Natalia Lassalle

Hyuro @ CHEAPfestival 2014

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

ROA @ Dorothy Circus Gallery

Life is Beautiful Recap / Curated by Charlotte Dutoit (JustKids)

MUROS Tabacalera 2014

Throwback: Ironlak BBQ Burners x Bucharest 2013 (read more)


Films & Documentaries 

Pixadores, “a movie about young men living in the edges of São Paulo, Brazil. Pixação street-art leads their lives. Painters write overwhelming cryptic messages in places hard to get to, such as walls of tall buildings. Nightly painting is their way to rebel and a proof of their existence”. More info on Hyperallergic.

SAMPA GRAFFITI – Ep. 19: Paulo Ito / © Paulo Taman

Diary of the Artist – Ep.2 – STREET ART (Grafitti with BERNS)

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Featured image for the post © Ella & Pitr.

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