Urban Art Videos – Part IV

We are back with new urban art videos – festivals and exhibitions recap, artist interviews and insights, documentaries and more. Also check Part IIIII and I, and read our article about censored/ removed murals and the commercial use of graffiti and street art, as well as the one about Art Basel and Wynwood.


Artist interventions, projects, insights

Isaac Cordal180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014 (view his exhibition “Moments de Solitude” at SpaceJunk)

Aryz – “El fin justificado” / Project led by SC Gallery + Art Management, 2014

Ella & Pitr @ 180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014

VHILSLeBasse Projects

Zio Ziegler – “The Pursuit of Human Potential”

TAKI 183 Interview


Festivals & Events

Walk&Talk Azores Festival 2014 Recap

ArteSano / Film by Axel Void and Natalia Lassalle

Hyuro @ CHEAPfestival 2014

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

ROA @ Dorothy Circus Gallery

Life is Beautiful Recap / Curated by Charlotte Dutoit (JustKids)

MUROS Tabacalera 2014

Throwback: Ironlak BBQ Burners x Bucharest 2013 (read more)


Films & Documentaries 

Pixadores, “a movie about young men living in the edges of São Paulo, Brazil. Pixação street-art leads their lives. Painters write overwhelming cryptic messages in places hard to get to, such as walls of tall buildings. Nightly painting is their way to rebel and a proof of their existence”. More info on Hyperallergic.

SAMPA GRAFFITI – Ep. 19: Paulo Ito / © Paulo Taman

Diary of the Artist – Ep.2 – STREET ART (Grafitti with BERNS)

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Featured image for the post © Ella & Pitr.