Urban Art Videos – Part III

We continue our series with fresh urban art videos that cover graffiti interventions, street art festivals, exhibitions, murals and installations, interviews, documentaries and many more, from the latest in the past months of 2014 to early ones. Make sure to check Part II and Part I, and read our article about censored/ removed murals and the commercial use of graffiti and street art.

Artist interventions, projects, insights


BLU in Rome (check street view and photos)


Isaac Cordal, Blanca, Murcia, Spain, March 2014

Spy Can by Biancoshock. Read our interview with the artist.

ICY and SOT – Europe Journey

RIVAGES, a film by Guillaume Cagniard, returning to JR‘s project completed this summer 2014 in the secluded port of Le Havre, France: “The port is run by only men, dockers that inherit the profession from their fathers. The film pays tribute to these men who worked hard to make the largest pasting in the world, to bring the first woman’s eyes to the port, and to send the eyes to travel the seas of the world to Malaysia”. More info here.

NUNCA in Lisbon for Underdogs

MTO: My name is MO

Graffiti artists vs. Advertisers (full story here)

Festivals & Events

Nuart Festival Interviews (view our recap). View more interviews and videos here.

Memorie Urbane 2014 (view our recap) / Video by The Blind Eye Factory

PUBLIC: Art in the City 2014 (view our recap)

Djerbahood by Galerie Itinerrance (view our recap)

Urban Forms 2014

Asphalte Urban Art Biennial

KNOTENPUNKT Urban Art Festival, organized and curated by the AFFENFAUST GALERIE, Hamburg

La Escocesa Mural Festival

URBAN NATION – PROJECT M/6 curated by Jonathan LeVine Gallery

RUN about his exhibition at the Howard Griffin gallery in Shoreditch, London.

Decertor for Indeleble

Herakut: ‘Flaw Circus’ @ Ruttkowski;68 Gallery

Films & Documentaries 

A Tale of Two Murals, about the 2012 Living Walls controversy (read story on BSA). Also check our article about censored murals, commercial use of graffiti and more.

Megunica, a documentary about BLU‘s journey to South America, directed by Lorenzo Fonda (read interview with the film director on Wired.it).

Underground Project documentary series created by Acción Fílmica: Borondo


You may also want to watch:

Martha Cooper – Interview for Collater.al

Murals documented by TOSTFILMS

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Featured image for the post © Aryz – Príap i Demèter.