Rubenimichi – Sol Negro @ La Fresh Gallery

The exhibition of artist trio Rubenimichi Sol Negro (Black Sun), hosted by La Fresh Gallery in Madrid through March 31st, 2015, revolves around the idea of Saturn and explores it from an esoteric perspective using complex symbols, geometry and meanings to highlight a concept that is defined by both mystery and knowledge, light and darkness, good and evil.

This indecipherable, hidden world and magic dark energy that Saturn mirrors has inspired Rubenimichi to create a series of astonishing works where Nature’s beauty is idealized and man is a mere puppet in the hands of higher unknown forces. Not only harmonious intersections and juxtapositions of elements are part of their work, but also intriguing contrasts between man and Nature’s undoubted and resistless power. The exhibition takes us in the realm of myth and superstition, of ancient gods and the fascination and dangers of knowledge, which may only offer enlightenment to the selected few.

Rubenimichi - Saturno, 2015

‘Saturno’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Titán, 2015

‘Titán’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Prometeo, 2015

‘Prometeo’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Jano Lignum, 2015

‘Jano Lignum’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Pandora l, 2015

‘Pandora l’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Pandora Corvus, 2015

‘Pandora Corvus’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Hermandad lll, 2015

‘Hermandad lll’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Oculus Rex, 2015

‘Oculus Rex’, 2015

Rubenimichi - Árbol de la ciencia, 2014

‘Árbol de la ciencia’, 2014

Rubenimichi - Herida, 2012

‘Herida’, 2012

Rubenimichi - Herido, 2012

‘Herido’, 2012

Rubenimichi - Bestiario lll, 2012

‘Bestiario lll’, 2012

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Images © Rubenimichi and La Fresh Gallery.

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