Paul Mureșan: The forest

Following our interview with Quite a Beat, a music platform that brings music and visual arts together, we discovered the works of Paul Mureșan (b. 1988), who is specialized in animation and graphic art. He told us that he always wanted to create animations, and he began focusing on drawing in his hometown, Bistrița, along with friends who shared the same passion. For Paul, drawing is his key to understand reality when the mind can no longer encompass it.

Since his first animation in 2009, at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, in Saarbrücken, Germany, he tried to make at least one animation per year. And in 2014, along with his friends, Paul managed to add 7 animations to his portfolio, and one of them, screened at a series of film festivals, entitled “Pui de Somn” / “Baby Nap”, won Best Romanian Film at Anim’est and Best Animation Film at Filmul de Piatra.

His first animations were related to volunteering as he believed it to be a solution for people to get involved and collaborate instead of whining about things that do not work as they should. He noticed that people cannot work together until they conclude that their team colleagues are ‘normal’, a notion that gains different values as the ‘normal’ can become absurd for some, therefore he currently highlights this aspect in his works, which he refers to as discriminating ‘normality’.

The selection Paul sent us revolves around something very dear to him, the forest, and reveals the brutality of Romanians in this regard, bringing into discussion issues such as deforestation, land and water pollution, the impact of human actions on animal life, the ignorance and greed of people who have gradually destroyed the natural environment. The works are emotionally charged, there are a lot of visual metaphors used to reflect the pain of the forest, which slowly vanishes before the viewer. The silent cry of nature, the emptiness outlined through minimal and dark lines and shapes as if only shadows of what was once vibrant and alive still remain, the decay of human values, all raise important questions that we may soon have to confront.

Paul Mureșan

Paul Mureșan

Cable TV

Paul Mureșan



When I was a kid

50 cent

Forest law

Wood thieves

Ax nation


Over the hill

Forest was here

If I Fell

Paul Mureșan

Santa Claus

P. Mureșan


Sicut in Caelo et in Terra

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