Atelierul de Print becomes Colorhood | Interview

The printing studio known as Atelierul de Print has recently become Colorhood. With this new identity, they continue to offer a wide selection of art prints and original artworks by Romanian artists and illustrators, and also new features. Find out more in our exclusive interview.

Let’s begin with the good news. We know that you have been working on a new platform and there will be some important changes happening soon. Please introduce us to the Colorhood project. What’s actually different from Atelierul de Print?

Hi, Andreea, and thanks for the invite! It’s done, we did it, we’re live and still alive.

“Atelierul de Print” started out in 2010 as a tiny printing studio, a small project created and raised step by step by two Art graduates and friends, Ionuț Cojocaru and Cristian Dobrescu. As some of their friends, former Art school mates, welcomed with enthusiasm the idea of an online artwork gathering, they managed to curate a nice collection and started selling signed fine art prints – which was something quite new to the Romanian public back then. Time has passed, Atelierul survived and actually kept on growing to be a colorful and crowded online gallery shop.


Raluca Băraru – ‘Anatomy’ / certificate of authenticity


Raluca Băraru – ‘Anatomy’ / Vali Petridean – ‘Flying car’

But we decided it was time we jumped for good into the world of illustration. In the beginning of 2014, we started building from scratch an entirely new platform and identity: Colorhood.

Colorhood wants to inspire and bring joy to the eyes that love getting lost on the colorful side of the www, and, most of all, it wishes to take Romanian illustrations on a journey beyond borders. So far, we have listed a total of 40 artists in our gallery and we thought it would be a shame if their works could not be ordered internationally, by any art lover in the world. So we got a .com domain, we’ve translated and adapted our content into an international language and we introduced the PayPal payment.

Moreover, Colorhood will soon offer a collection of fine art photographs and other original artworks, such as original watercolor paintings, canvas or unique precious illustrated objects.

Saddo - The Bird King


Saddo – ‘The Bird King’

So you can buy fine art prints – illustration and photography, original artworks. Why should an art lover choose Colorhood? Highlight the main benefits of the project.

An art lover should choose Colorhood both for variety and for the quality of our selected artworks. From our carefully selected 350 illustrations, one can surely find a piece to love and not let go. By choosing Colorhood, art lovers directly support Romanian artists and become the owners of limited series high quality prints, signed by the artists and accompanied by certificates of authenticity, with an archival warranty of 200 years.

Raluca Băraru - Anatomy

Raluca Băraru

Raluca Băraru – ‘Anatomy’

What about the artists? We see new names, and also artists who are already familiar. Are you planning to extend the list of artists, explore other fields as well or also invite international artists to join the platform?

Indeed, we have recently welcomed into our “hood” young artists Roxana Tănase, Argaetic, Lia Bîra and the hale and hearty girls & boys from The Work-Out group (coordinated by Mădălina Andronic): Alice Voinea, Andreea Balasoiu, Cristina Moise, Elena Alexandroaia, Andrei Damian and Adrian Ungureanu.

Most of all, for the launch of, we have prepared over 80 brand new illustrations, so it’s quite a refreshing new start, we’d say.

We have also discussed the introduction of some international names in our gallery, as we recently met some illustrators and photographers from Sweden and Portugal, so yeah, keep in touch and we shall surprise you : )

Mădălina Andronic Mădălina Andronic – ‘Night Bath’

Raluca Băraru - Big Old Sea

Raluca Băraru – ‘Big old sea’

Will there be any events soon where we can meet and chat?

Yes, yes, yes!

We’re getting ready for some hardcore action for the upcoming winter season, so we are looking forward to meet as many cool people as possible. Therefore we invite you and everyone who checks out The re:art to come and visit us:

28th of November @ Artmaroc by Imbold (Colorhood Preview – Pop-up Shop and Show-off)

1st of December @ ROD by Cărturești Verona (Permanent exhibition and shop)

5-6th of December @ Impact Festival by Impact Hub (Gift Fair)

9th of December @ Energiea – The Official Colorhood Launch Event

20-21st of December @ Made in RO by Designist – Impact Hub (Bi-annual Romanian Design Fair)

Vali Petridean

Vali Petridean – ‘Flying car’

Where can we keep up to date with more good news? We see you have a blog. What about social media?

You can (and we will be happy if you do) follow us on our Tumblr blog, on our Instagram and on our Facebook page. We’ll be sharing only the coolest stuff, pinky promise.

One final word/ phrase/ print for our readers. Your choice.

Argaetic - Growing up

Argaetic – ‘Growing up’

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Images courtesy of Colorhood.