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We first discovered the works of Argaetic at Imbold Gallery Bucharest, and their first impact was the strong connection with nature, the organic forms, the emotion attached to each work, both as an artistic concept and as a result for the viewer. We invited Argaetic on The re:art, and he shared with us a very personal view of his activity. We thank him for this opportunity and for his support. Find out more in our exclusive interview with the artist.

We would like to start with your upcoming solo show hosted by Imbold Gallery. Tell us about the concept of this first personal exhibition in Bucharest, what influenced you lately and how do you feel about this next step in your artistic career.

First of all, hello to you Andreea and to your readers and art lovers.Thank you for having me on your art data base, it is a very nice project and keep going on this way. To answer to your question, the upcoming solo show won’t be at Imbold Gallery, actually, it will be at some other place, more conventional and not so much as a gallery. This couple of solo exhibitions (Timișoara, Cluj, Bucharest, and next year Iași) is part of a project of a NGO that tries to earn a grant for 4 artists from 4 different art fields: visual, music, theatre, literature. So, the concept of the first solo exhibition is not really a concept. There are more works from 2 series of mine, the chromatologic series, and the monochrome series, drawn in the past 2-3 years. Unfortunately, I am not seeing it like the next step in my artistic career. Actually, since we have opened Imbold Gallery and Acuarela, my so called artistic career came to a standstill.


Work in progress

We know that you have been the curator of many exhibitions hosted by Imbold Gallery. How will it be this time? Also share a few insights about your activity as curator, what do you like or dislike about it.

The curating part started a couple of years ago at Atelierul de Producție, where I organized some exhibitions like Ebenist Maler, an exhibition with 20 artists that drew on furniture (new one). I really enjoyed that exhibition, but logistic somehow, consumed me very much (I was only 19 years old).

As a curator, I can say that I like to discover artists and to interact with them, and help them out to exhibit, and to try to see their point of view, their idea of life, of “what art means”, to find some other aesthetics. What I don’t like is to reject artists, but sometimes I have to do it, to keep the aesthetics of the gallery.

The Heart of Thri

The Heart of Thri

‘The Heart of Thri’, 2013 / For the Benetton catalog Romania 2014

What are the themes that you focus on right now? We noticed, for instance, that some of your works are related to the “Thri” concept. Can you tell us more about this concept and your current artistic interests?

Themes I am interested in, like always, it’s people. I think this is my main theme. Connections, emotions, duality of personality, social interactions and so on.

My works from now, almost all of them have the tree integrated, because of its powerful meaning, and because it is a symbol of life and a symbol of how life should be lived, from roots to top. The “thri” series have started with a tree : ), simple. I have only modified the letters from the word to give more personal touch to it, but I have kept the same pronunciation.

Thri series

Thri series

‘Thri’ series

In your works, you combine natural elements (the land, the trees and so on) with geometric shapes and folkloric themes. What is your vision regarding the relation between man and nature, and is it linked to the fact that we rarely see human presence in your works? Also, how does Romanian culture and folklore inspire you in this regard?

For me, it seems that people have lost their connection with nature. I’ve lost it too. I am living most of the time here, in the city, between grey blocks… a couple of them started to be yellow now, or orange… or some other color, but yet, they look how they look. Beside that, evolution for us, like civilization, it’s not in nature, unfortunately, it’s in the city. It’s obvious it’s not a good thing, but I think it is the only way we can all survive. We should try to make things more cautious.

About human presence in my work… yap, you are totally right, there aren’t so many. Most of the time, my work starts with the idea of an emotion that I want to transmit, I try to see it and to represent that feeling. A human can’t be an emotion, a human can only feel it, so… I think that’s why I don’t have characters much of the time.

About Romanian culture, yes, it inspires me. I lived in the countryside until I was 3 or 4 years old and that experience inspired me a lot in my artwork, as you can see.



What about your technique? Which medium do you prefer?

Now I am working very much in ink, liners and pretty much monochrome. I am kind of blocked on it. And I also like very much to draw on wood, but at the same time, I am always wondering: “Is it bad, is it worth drawing a tree on wood? How am I supposed to make people turn to the roots, or to nature, if I draw on wood?”. At the same time, the wood doubles the emotion that I want to transmit.


The Land / Detail

The Land / Detail

The Land / Detail

‘The Land’, 2014

Finally, give our readers top 3 reasons why they should not miss your future exhibition, and let us know if there are other upcoming projects on your agenda.

Please miss it, because I am not proud of it.

Personal upcoming projects, no… but you can follow Imbold Gallery, because soon we will make a little change in our activity, actually we will add another activity.

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Images © Argaetic

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