Quite a Talk with Quite a Beat

We recently met the nice people from Quite a Beat, a music platform that brings music and visual art together. Enjoy our interview with the team and listen to that beat.

We first found out about Quite a Beat from visual artist Florin Pantilimon, who recently posted his cover for FaltyDL’s Huff & Puff Bruk on Facebook. You introduce yourselves as a music platform with non-stop music and content related not only to music, but also to adjacent arts. How did it all start and how are you planning to link sound with art, and connect artists from different fields?

We just wanted badly to do something involving music. But then music goes amazing with visual arts and why not connect them? Why not talk about complete experiences? We don’t know where this will go, but we sure like the idea of a music-driven community, that involves all kinds of musicians and visual artists and friends.

Florin Pantilimon

Florin Pantilimon – Cover for FaltyDL’s Huff & Puff Bruk

You have some interesting categories on the website and we like the idea of reading while listening to music. How would you describe your current content strategy and who are the people that you want to welcome to your community? 

Again, everything revolves around music for us. So you can read on QaB about movie soundtracks, installation arts and sounds, body experiences, things to wear according to what you listen to.

And when we write what we write we have in mind… curious people.

Paul Mureșan

Paul Mureșan – Coverfor Soul Clap’s Need your lovin feat. Mel Blatt

Keeping in mind the visual component of the website, we saw that you are collaborating with Irina Szellelki. What type of visual art do you believe best fits your profile right now and will there be other collaborations soon? And are you interested in both local and international artists?

In what concerns photography and our image slider, we are into realistic shots of the daily society with a filter of timelessness. There’s Irina and we’ll soon display international work.

Regarding illustration and video, we plan to collaborate in the beginning with local young talents.

Moving on to the focus of the project, music, tell us a bit about the playlist. We were excited when we found out that you are currently working with Ionuț (Yoon) and also know that you focus to offer the right beats for the right moods. So, after talking about what we read on the website, share some insights regarding what we hear.

Yes, Ionuț – MØHRA – does the playlist. He’s testing music all the time, searching for new music that fits our daily, hourly needs. We’re needy, you know? We need music to be a perfect companion and, also, to stir us. We find the right moods in the deep corners of house and techno, and the experimental side of electronica.


CUTĂRICĂ – Coverfor Moodyman’s remix of Hangover (Charlotte OC)

What music artists have you reached so far? We also noticed your interest in video directors and animators – from the recent interview with Nick Cobby, and also music hot spots – the recent post about [ipse] in Berlin. Who is next on your list? 

We want to uncover these people and places that make electronic music so fascinating. When and where and how can you have the utmost music experience? That’s what we’re trying to answer to, because that’s what we’re searching for ourselves. And next we’ll write about an UK hype but underground club, a record label that describes itself as a “home made instrument”, and well, others.

Cover Robert Obert

Robert Obert – Cover for Tricky’s Aftermath

What are your thoughts about the local music scene?

There’s something for everybody. Loving the Romanian underground techno scene and the DJs that go Detroit-Chicago house. Lots of good producers out there, but the scene overall has to grow. For example, we hear little about local labels.

Let’s talk about your favorites. Name a recent song/ video or anything related to your interests, that you really love.

Like now, now? Producers Tolga Fidan and Route 8 and our Song Covers section.

Future plans? Any Quite a Beat events soon?

We’d like to make an exhibition. We’ll let you know when and where and how : ).

• •

Images courtesy of Quite a Beat.

Update: Quite a Beat is no longer an active platform.