Nuart 2014 / September, Stavanger, Norway

Nuart 2014 is the new edition of the annual independent international contemporary street and urban art festival, based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway.

Nuart 2014

Since 2005 the festival has focused exclusively on street art, becoming one of the leading events in the world dedicated to showcasing this type of work both on and off the streets.

Each year, the festival includes a series of exhibitions, interventions, events, debates and workshops, film screenings and more. Among these, Nuart Plus is the festival’s annual series of academic and industry talks from some of the world leading artists, academic and industry professionals.

Nuart Plus talks, debates, film screenings and tours will be held from September 4th to 6th.

Nuart Plus

“This year’s Nuart Plus program will tackle the two ends of the street art-continuum, namely “safe murals” on the one hand and street art and activism on the other. While activism was an essential part of the early street art scene, we have over the last decade or so seen a gradual gravitation towards council – and sponsor approved safe murals as the dominant form of street art.  Is this a development we should embrace as a natural development of the scene, or should it be vigorously contested? Do artists approach street art differently if they are doing legal, versus illegal work? Do artworks that are perceived as unsanctioned engage the viewer in a different way than art that are perceived as sanctioned? Are safe-murals and activist street art complements where the development of one reinforce the other, or are they substitutes that repress one another?”.

Cidade Cinza will be screened during Nuart Plus, there will be the BSA Film Friday Live (Steve and Jaime) with RJ Rushmore from Vandalog as special guest on September 5th, a workshop with ICY and SOT on September 6th, and many more happenings.

Full program here.

Festival opening: September 6th, 7 p.m.

Exhibition: September 7th – October 12th.




© SpY – ‘Installation of 150 fake security cameras on building facade with the intention of not watching over anything’, Madrid, Spain, 2013

Etam Cru

© Etam Cru – SleeperOslo, Norway, 2014 / for Urban Samtidskunst

Icy and Sot

© ICY and SOT, NYC


Borondo, Tetuán, Madrid, 2013 / Photo: Fernando Escribano via SAN


© Biancoshock – Self control, Milano, 2014 / Photo: Myst-R

John Fekner

© John Fekner  NO TV/Read stencil project


© LevaletDanse Macabre, Paris, 2014


© DOT DOT DOT, Los Angeles, 2013

Martin Whatson

Martin Whatson for Memorie Urbane 2014 / Photo: Flavia Fiengo


© ± MAISMENOS ± – Egonomic Ruin part I – Lagos, Artur, Portugal

STROK / Anders Gjennestad

STRØK / Anders Gjennestad for Memorie Urbane 2014 / Photo: Anne Esser


TILTPanic Room, Marseille, France, 2012 / Photo: BigAddict


© Andreco – Philosophical Tree, Bologna, 2012


M-City at Djerbahood, 2014 / © Aline Deschamps – Itinerrance Gallery

Mathieu Tremblin

© Mathieu Tremblin Copying Van Gogh, Brussels, 2013

More info about the invited artists here.



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