The inspiring works of Levalet

The works of French artist Levalet mainly consist in wheat paste life-sized black and white silhouettes of enigmatic characters engaged in different situations, often revealing absurd social behaviors, meaningless actions and habits which describe our perception and assumed position in relation to the world we live in, a world which is not in our control, but has taken control over how we connect with each other and understand our environment.

We notice a perfect equilibrium between the public space chosen by the artist and his interventions, which almost feel like theatrical spectacles mirroring human behavior in a humorous way, yet through a powerful message, not militant but thought-provoking, highlighting issues and consequences that we are less aware of nowadays.

With architecture and context playing a central role for Levalet, contributing to the visual impact of his stories and driving positive change in the urban landscape, the artist inserts his imagined realities into our own, interrupting us from our daily rush and inviting us to reflect on the causes and effects of what we do, but also enjoy a breath of fresh art in the city.

Levalet - Service public, Paris XI

‘Service public’

Charles Leval - Portes ouvertes

‘Portes ouvertes’

Charles Leval - The hunt, CHEAP Festival, Bologna (IT)

Charles Leval - The hunt, CHEAP Festival, Bologna (IT)

‘The hunt’ / for CHEAP Festival

Charles Leval - Démantèlement, Ecole Centrale Paris, Chatenay-Malabris


Charles Leval - The factory, Paris V

‘The factory’

Charles Leval - Reload, Paris XIII


Charles Leval - Danse macabre, Canal de l'ourcq, Paris

‘Danse macabre’

Charles Leval - 15 minutes of fame, Paris

‘15 minutes of fame’

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Images © Levalet

More info on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Also view highlights from the artist’s recent exhibition part of Memorie Urbane 2015 and his interventions at Nuart Festival 2014.