Johnson Tsang – bReAk tHE ruLeS

The series “bReAK tHE ruLeS” by sculptor Johnson Tsang was created for the exhibition “The Past is Continuing” held by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, presenting a tour of the past re-invented by 18 Hong Kong contemporary artists, on view through September 28th, 2015.

Aiming to “infuse energy into the gallery of Chinese antiquities”, the artist came up with the concept “bReAk tHE ruLeS”, originating from “Bowl Painted with Children Playing in a Garden in Underglaze Blue” created in Jiajing period, Ming dynasty (1522 – 1566), donated by Dr T. T. Tsui to the Museum (image below, courtesy of Johnson Tsang).

Bowl Painted with Children Playing in a Garden in Underglaze Blue

The series shows how children would act if the museum would be their playground. Impersonating statues, performing before them, quietly observing these curious appearances or amusingly confronting dragon-like creatures until they finally get tired and fall asleep, the realistic sculptures impress through their innocence and absolute freedom.

“Breaking a piece of exhibit is one of the greatest disasters in any museums. I imagined that one day, this bowl was broken and something amazing happened. All the children playing in the garden from the Ming dynasty wonder around the gallery of the museum and interact with the gallery exhibits happily. Chinese tradition art have long been the source of inspirations for many contemporary artists. Great piece of art can transcend time. I hope this work ‘bReAK tHE ruLeS’ will encourage the visitors to look at the antiquities with fresh eyes, just like what the children are doing in the gallery”.

J. Tsang - bReAk tHE ruLeS

J. Tsang - bReAk tHE ruLeS

J. Tsang - bReAk tHE ruLeS

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Images © Johnson Tsang

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