Memorie Urbane 2015 / New pieces

Memorie Urbane 2015 street art festival in Italy continues with the current solo show CROSSING by Levalet, on view at Basement Project Room in Fondi, and with various new pieces, among which a powerful mural by Case Ma’Claim, several interventions by Doa Oa, part of her ongoing reforestation project, the playful Jana & JS piece, the staggering portraits of ECB Hendrik Beikirch and INO, the abstract vortex murals of 1010, the colorful works by BTOY or the dynamic and suggestive pieces by Adomas.

Levalet – CROSSING solo show at Basement Project Room, Fondi, April 30th – June 14th, 2015/ Photos via Basement Project Room

Case Ma’Claim, Valmontone / Photos: Dante Corsetti

Doa Oa, Gaeta/ Photos: Flavia Fiengo

Doa Oa, Valmontone/ Photos via the artist

Doa Oa, Terracina/ Photos: Arianna Barone

1010, Fondi/ Photos: Flavia Fiengo and Arianna Barone

ECB Hendrik Beikirch, Arce/ Photos: Dante Corsetti

Jana & JS, Fondi/ Photos: Flavia Fiengo

INO, Gaeta and Fondi/ Photos: Flavia Fiengo

BTOY, Arce/ Photos: Dante Corsetti

Adomas, Gaeta/ Photos: Flavia Fiengo

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