Axel Void – Sehnsucht @ BC Gallery (recap)

The solo exhibition “Sehnsucht” by Miami based artist Axel Void (featured), on view at BC Gallery through September 26th, 2015 (Wed-Sat, 1 – 6 pm, Libauer Straße 14, 10245, Berlin), consists of a series of eight paintings and eight video interviews with eight models, everyday people from Berlin, taking eight weeks of production, the entire process being hosted at the artist’s studio, the top floor of the gallery owner’s house for the time.

“The interviews are very personal and the wrapping of the heads was eerie to say the least. But it is in this tension where the brilliance of the concept by the artist comes to show. Upon seeing the portrait paintings one gets a feeling of disassociation and aversion but with watching the corresponding video interviews a feeling of empathy and personal connection arise which make for the before mentioned tension.” (BC Gallery)

It is this sense of asphyxiation caused by a claustrophobic society, where options are insufficient and the destination of the life path uncertain that feeds on the constant feeling of lack of a clear direction and longing for something else. Once again, Axel Void reveals the complexity of mediocrity, the struggles, thoughts, worries and joys of ordinary individuals, that we can easily identify with. The plastic wrap around the heads of the painted subjects hides their identities only to be discovered through watching the interviews, highlighting the contrast between the impact of a first impression and the change of perspective when getting to know and understand the other.

View teaser and work in progress photos.

Axel Void - Sehnsucht

Sehnsucht @ BC Gallery

Sehnsucht @ BC Gallery

Sehnsucht @ BC Gallery

Sehnsucht @ BC Gallery

A. Void - 1. Oil on Canvas, 117 x 150 cm, 2015

A. Void - 3, Oil on Canvas, 114 x 146 cm, 2015

A. Void - 5, Oil on Canvas, 195 x 250 cm, 2015

A. Void - 7, Oil on Canvas, 33 x 41 cm

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Images courtesy of BC Gallery.

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