The works of Axel Void

The murals and paintings of Axel Void, as well as his recent interest in film, tell stories of ordinary people and life experiences across the places he visits and the communities he interacts with, usually from poor neighborhoods, yet highlighting their richness in spirit, their hospitality, honesty and, most important, the way they connect and stay together as a family, as one.

Far from the familiar places in Miami that the artist often compares with a prison and speaks of gentrification, he reveals the beauty and sometimes darkness of the mediocre life, the struggles and joys of individuals and communities, as well as the history of the cities and areas where he paints, that in some cases may be forgotten or manipulated to built a romanticized or infamous image for tourists.

Perhaps as a reaction to the tendency of people looking up to certain models that society builds according to its own deceitful standards and conventions and the belief in an idealized version of everyone and everything, the artist either focuses on the portraits of the people he meets in his travels or simply creates characters with no identity, nobodies for society, the nothingness that we do not think or care about.

Enjoy a selection of recent murals, an extremely powerful series of works on canvas entitled ‘Gray’ and a video part of the ‘Mediocre’ series.



Axel Void - Life, Chennai, India

‘Life’, Chennai, India / Part of the ‘Mediocre’ series

“This mural is not about poverty. Often in Chennai, it’s traditional to paint the figures of politicians and actors, in order to idealize them. But this mural is about people, and how we all share space and time. How we interact and coexist with each other.” (more info)

A. Void - Life, Chennai, India

‘Life’, Chennai, India / Part of the ‘Mediocre’ series

“But what I found to be the true life of the neighborhood were the kids, the way people interacted with them and how they ran about as if the street where just an extension of their house, and the people that surrounded them an extension of their family. This piece is about the kids and the effect that they have on the people around them.” (more info)

A. Void - Nobody, Newark, USA

‘Nobody’, Newark, USA

“Painting throughout history has been used to represent, enhance, denounce or pay homage. This piece represents nothing, and is made for Nobody.” (more photos)

A. Void - Nada (Nothing), Oaxaca, Mexico

‘Nada’ (Nothing), Oaxaca, Mexico

“The painting was taken from an image of an immigrant that was assaulted when travelling on ‘La Bestia’ (The Beast). This is the name for several cargo trains that immigrants use to cross from the south to the north of México, with the intention of crossing the border to the United States”. (more info)

A. Void - Nessuno, Rome, Italy

‘Nessuno’, Rome, Italy

“Most tourists possess a romanticized idea of Rome that focuses on its historical importance, yet the city’s present is overlooked, and people continue to preserve an idea of what the city used to be. Neighborhoods like Ostiense create attractions like the ‘New Colosseum’ in order to bring tourists to the area, transforming a neighborhood that formed out of the need to build houses for the workers to reside in into an attraction that distracts tourists from its original nature.” (more info)



A. Void - Dialogue


A. Void - Gray


A. Void - Gray


A. Void - Gray




Axel Void & Natalia Lassalle-Morillo

Video for ArteSano Project / Part of the ‘Mediocre’ series.

ArteSano is a portrait of daily life in the town of Río San Juan that also depicts the people’s interaction with the murals created as part of the public art festival, ArteSano. This project took place from the 12th to the 22nd of December of 2014 in Río San Juan, Dominican Republic.

Camera and editing: Axel Void y Natalia Lassalle
Sound editing: Jonathan Sewell

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