Animation Marathon Part IV

Enjoy a new series of animated short films from our series Animation Marathon, including an excellent animated collage.

Not About Us by Michael Frei

“A symbolic staging of the complex dance of rapprochement between a man and a woman. A mechanical ballet flitting between black and white, light and dark and countless mirroring motions – until at last contact is made and a relationship develops.”

Forgot by Stephen McNally, music composed by Adam Cullen.

“Forgot is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, Jesus kitsch, cocktail sausages and children’s television.
Forgot explores the shape of memory, telling the story of a life through its effacing. A non-linear narrative that flashes between childhood and maturity, as it all slips away. From what we long to remember, to what we’d sooner forget.”

Lost Cubert / Written and directed by Jim Schmidt, Felix Fischer, Carolin Schramm

“Cubert’s life is determined by work. Endless repetitions of the same tasks, dull routines, a perfect construction of monotony. Suddenly he is wrenched out of his daily grind and is confronted with a seemingly inescapable system. His quest for an exit leads him deep into a labyrinth of monotony – and to the bounds of his sanity.”

Hearth / Directed by Bálint Gelley, Co-director Maja Szakadát

“Three old ladies are sitting in a boat. A man is rowing. A girl is smoking on the rooftop. The family’s preparing for lunch. An animation short film based on Ádám Bodor’s short story called Tanyai lány.”

How Life Tastes / Written and directed/ Animation by Soyoung Hyun, additional animation by Jing Li, Yingping Mak. Narration by Yuna Shin.

“The film is about personal doubt – ‘where am I heading’.

It presents my strong interest and exploration of ‘Life’. I tried to put my philosophical view of a life in my twenties.”

Each other / Written & Directed/ Animation: Lee kyu-tae, sound design: Gwon young-hwan, music: Shin hyun-mo.

Feelings by Nate Milton

“For three weeks, I wrote down any thought, image or memory that gave me a tingly feeling. I animated the list, and what it accidentally became was a stream-of-consciousness trek through my life.

GRADUATE (Sophomore III) animated collage about love and loss by Brittle / Music composition by Jacaszek.

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Featured image for the post © Michael Frei.