The works of Martine Frossard

In illustrations and her recent animation ‘Thirty masks’, Martine Frossard creates a complex and compelling mix between faithfully reproduced portrait features or carefully outlined human bodies and geometry, architecture, absurd elements added to help create masks and layers behind which her characters hide or even lose their identities.

This strange geometrical metamorphosis seems to come with great struggle and sometimes has physical effects, similar to an epidemic. We never see the eyes of the captive subjects, always blinded by different shapes. Perhaps this aspect strengthens the main theme that defines the work of Martine Frossard – the search for identity. The gestures of the subjects left visible for the viewer may suggest wonder, anxiety or confusion, as these characters, trapped in their own dreams, fantasies and illusions, no longer remember who they are and will perhaps disappear in the end, detach from their known reality and existence to embrace a new identity.


‘Thirty masks’, 2015

Martine Frossard

Martine Frossard

M. Frossard

Recent drawings

Martine Frossard - Effigy

‘Effigy’, 19X24”, 2012

M. Frossard - Stuck

‘Stuck’, 19X24”, 2012

M. Frossard - Epidemic

‘Epidemic’, 19X24”, 2012

M. Frossard - Sublimation

‘Sublimation’, 19X24”, 2012

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