Animation Marathon 5

We continue our Animation Marathon with a special selection of short animated films, stories and extraordinary visuals for you to enjoy and reflect on.

‘Chronemics’ by Animade, a London-based animation and interactive design studio. Sound design: Mutant Jukebox.

“Based on the notion of light and darkness competing for dominance, the film is set in a world of distinct contrasts. Steeped in an atmosphere of tense anticipation, the sombre mood is injected with elements of macabre comedy through the antics of our two central characters, Light and Dark. Caught in continuous conflict, these hieroglyphic creatures are in a state of reluctant co-existence, cyclically gaining and losing ground. But an unexpected twist ultimately questions the meaning of one without the other; the stronger the light, after all, the darker the shadow.”

‘TAP’ by Michał Socha. Production – BrosFX

‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ / Director: Ross Hogg. Voiceover: Gavin Mitchell.

“Using only charcoal and three sheets of A1 paper, ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ is an animated visualisation of Oliver Sacks’ seminal work, describing a unique neurological oddity.”

In The Tall Grass’ / Director: Alexii Muftoll

“Joseph is mentally deviated. He is a prisoner of his own flat and always in permanent war with his own mind. In reality, where desires, memories and nightmares is mixed together, there’s no escape for the tortured soul.”

‘An observer’ by Ola Szmida

‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’/ Written, Directed & Animated by Nicolas Ménard

“The mundane story of a heartbroken man, an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building.”

Fifth Floor’ by Marco Nick

“We see something about a man with potential, a man who should not exist in a city like this. It is a wolf with a man’s mask, or a man with a secret.”

‘Nothingness’ by Nicolas Pomet

“A man goes hunting.”

‘Vis’ by Joachim Fusiecki

“The video shows a metaphoric story of a victim, totally helpless facing brutal violence on its way. Injustice of that meeting leaves the feeling of a revenge, rubbing the borders between life and death.”

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Featured image for the post © Marco Nick.