The compelling works of Bonar

The highly detailed illustrations, works on canvas and murals by Montréal based artist Bonar introduce us to fantastic gardens of death, where mysterious reptile creatures, dog gods and armies of insects compose a world in decay, disintegrating and poisonous for any familiar life forms, where man is either absorbed until there is no trace left but his own skull and bones or physically and mentally conquered and dissected by curious plants and beasts, unable to fight back and survive the inevitable end.

Bonar creates his own mythology, dark and captivating, his own twisted deities, rulers and underdogs, inviting the viewer to wander around and discover his excellent realms of rich and unlimited imagination.

Bonar - Dogme







 L'homme à la rose

‘L’homme à la rose’

Peasant's justice

‘Peasant’s justice’



Headless Garden

‘Headless Garden’

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Images © Bonar

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