Illustrations by Alessandra De Cristofaro

Alessandra De Cristofaro is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Rome, Italy, with studies in comics and illustration at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna and at HAW, design department in Hamburg.

She is a storyteller, and each work or series gradually unveils the intimate universe of her female characters, capturing emotions, thoughts and everyday life situations.

Alessandra is also part of Studio Pilar, a collective of six illustrators based in Rome.

Alessandra De Cristofaro

Illustration for Serie Naturale 1, postcards collection by Studio Pilar

The End is the Beginning

Placenta – Illustration and comics anthology / The End is the Beginning


Piromanzia, collective exhibition, Fuochi Fatui, Feltre, 2013


Carioca, collective exhibition about marker illustration, Gallery Plastic Music Dispencer

Lo Straniero

Drawing featured on Lo Straniero, art and culture magazine

February Calendar

Illustrations for February, Calendar 2014, project and graphic design by Studio Pilar.

Orlando, cover

Orlando / magazine cover

Optimus - Graphic Optical Illusions

Optimus – Graphic Optical Illusions / Bolo Paper 150 pages, 4 colors, offset print, 27x27cm

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Images © Alessandra De Cristofaro

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