Episode 3 @ Ciclop Garage

In May 2013, we teamed up with Work in Progress (Iustin Moldovan, Alina Bucur, Mihai Chiţu), a group of contemporary art lovers who gather artists to revive spaces in Bucharest and elsewhere through artistic interventions. They believe that of great importance is the work in progress phase, which becomes part of the space’s history and offers continuity and meaning to its existence.

The re:art became communication partner for their third event, a collective contemporary art exhibition with artists active in various fields – street art, installation, painting, photography, performance. We chose an unconventional space for the exhibition – Ciclop Garage. Opened in 1923, Ciclop is the first multi-storey parking space in Bucharest. Although it was functional then and still is today, the garage suffered from an identity “crisis”, lacking a clear direction of development.

With its impressive architecture and historical meaning built over the last century (90 years since its opening, at the time of the exhibition), the Ciclop Garage benefited from artistic interventions and was redirected towards a new moment in its “life”.

The invited artists played with ideas and forms in their own personal and unique style.


Pisica Pătrată, Allan Dalla (character of Obie Platon), Irlo, HomeboyKitră, SinboyAdrian PredaAda MuşatZoiţa, Mihai ZgondoiuCristian Prandea, Sorina Vazelina,  Anda Bolohan, Radu Burduj, OrtakuMihai ChiţuRamona ŞlugCuzinaFrank NezeAlexandra Maftei, KadnaPrenRO Qic, Dubios21, Serebe, Jeanne Tricottet (FR), Daniel Tufiş, Alia Bakutayan, Romeo Dragnea, Gina Ster, Cătălina Nistor, Karl Benton (Valentin Leonida), Anca Irinciuc, Ramon Sadîc, Virginia Toma, Gelu Serseniuc, David Leonid Olteanu, ITI,  Calm, Drob, Cosmin Marinescu, Cristian Pass, Dima Radu, Cristina Curelea, Horia George Ioniţă, Roks Rose.

We also hosted a screen printing workshop with the help of friends from Librăria Jumătatea Plină and artists like Giorge Roman.

Episode 3 was open from June 1st to 23rd, 2013, and could be visited daily, including during the work in progress phase (the first 11 days). The grand opening was held on June 12th, and just a few days before, we organized an Artist Talk with some of the artists featured in the exhibition and started a dialogue with visitors regarding public space, artistic activity and more.

Video teaser launched before the grand opening:

The opening also included performance and live acts. Line-up: Poetrip, Fanfara Extraterestră, Karpov not Kasparov, Impex, That Couch Funk Collective.

Photos and a short timeline are available below.


  • 2000 visitors at the opening, 100 joining the Artist Talk and up to 200 visitors per day during the work in progress phase and after the opening;
  • over 300 online mentions in just one month (press, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) + TV coverage.


Exhibition opening

© Anda Bolohan

Key moments, captured by Grolsch, one of the main sponsors:


Ciclop Garage before the event 

Horia George Ionita

Horia George Ionita

Horia George Ionita

© Horia George Ioniţă

Frank Neze

Frank Neze

© Frank Neze


The work in progress phase
Day 1

Pisica Pătrată

Pisica Pătrată | © The re:art

Alexandra Maftei

Alexandra Maftei | © The re:art

Day 2

Karl Benton

Karl Benton | © The re:art


Pren | © Anda Bolohan

Day 3

Pisica Patrata / Photo: Horia George Ionita

Pisica Pătrată | © Horia George Ioniţă

Jeanne Tricottet

Jeanne Tricottet | © The re:art


Dubios21 | © The re:art [final work]

Day 4


Kadna | © Anda Bolohan

Cristian Pass

Cristian Pass | © Anda Bolohan


Serebe | © Anda Bolohan

Day 5


Zoiţa | © Anda Bolohan

Ramon Sadîc

Ramon Sadîc | © Horia George Ioniţă [final work]

Virginia Toma

Virginia Toma | © Anda Bolohan

Day 6

Radu Burduj

Radu Burduj | © The re:art

Cosmin Marinescu

Cosmin Marinescu | © The re:art

Day 7

Cristian Prandea

Cristian Prandea | © Anda Bolohan

Anca Irinciuc

Anca Irinciuc | © The re:art [final work]

Day 8

Romeo Dragnea

Romeo Dragnea | © Anda Bolohan

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Artist Talk | © Anda Bolohan

Screen Printing Workshop

Screen Printing Workshop

Screen Printing Workshop | © The re:art

Day 9

Karl Benton

Karl Benton | © The re:art [final work]

Adrian Preda Adrian Preda

Adrian Preda | © The re:art

Day 10


ITI | © Anda Bolohan

Sorina Vazelina & Ada Muşat

Sorina Vazelina & Ada Muşat | © Anda Bolohan


Ortaku  | © The re:art

Day 11

Irlo, Allan Dalla, Homeboy

Obie Platon x  Irlo x Homeboy | © The re:art

Cătălina Nistor

Cătălina Nistor | © Anda Bolohan

Mihai Zgondoiu

Mihai Zgondoiu | © The re:art


Exhibition Opening


© Anda Bolohan


Screen Printing expo


© Horia George Ioniţă

More photos on the Work in Progress Facebook page.


Final works

Allan Dalla, Irlo, Homeboy

Obie Platon x Irlo x Homeboy | © The re:art

Adrian Preda

Adrian Preda | © Adrian Preda

Alexandra Maftei

Alexandra Maftei | © The re:art

Pisica Pătrată

Pisica Pătrată | © The re:art


Kitră  | © The re:art


Ortaku | © Anda Bolohan [detail]

Ada Muşat

Ada Muşat

Ada Muşat | © The re:art

Sorina Vazelina

Sorina Vazelina | © The re:art

Cristian Prandea

Cristian Prandea | © The re:art


Sinboy | © The re:art


ITI | © The re:art


ITI | © Anda Bolohan


Serebe  | © The re:art


Serebe | © Quique del Bianco

Frank Neze

Frank Neze | © The re:art

Cristian Pass

Cristian Pass | © The re:art


Kadna | © The re:art

Gina Ster

Gina Ster | © Anda Bolohan

Cosmin Marinescu, Pren

Cosmin Marinescu, Pren | © The re:art

Horia George Ioniţă

Horia George Ioniţă | © The re:art

Radu Burduj

Radu Burduj | © The re:art

Romeo Dragnea

Romeo Dragnea | © Anda Bolohan


RO QiC | © The re:art

Virginia Toma

Virginia Toma | © Anda Bolohan


Zoiţa | © Anda Bolohan

Mihai Zgondoiu

Mihai Zgondoiu | © Anda Bolohan

Cătălina Nistor

Cătălina Nistor  | © The re:art


Cuzina | © Anda Bolohan

David Leonid Olteanu

David Leonid Olteanu | © Anda Bolohan

Mihai Chiţu

Mihai Chiţu | © Anda Bolohan

Ramona Şlug

Ramona Şlug | © The re:art

Alia Bakutayan

Alia Bakutayan (columns) | © Reptilianul

Daniel Tufiş

Daniel Tufiş | © Anda Bolohan

Anda Bolohan

Anda Bolohan  | © The re:art


Drob | © Anda Bolohan


Calm | © The re:art

Dima Radu

Dima Radu | © Anda Bolohan

Cristina Curelea

Cristina Curelea | © Anda Bolohan

Gelu Serseniuc

Setup by Gelu Serseniuc  | © Parda Cyan

Roks Rose

Roks Rose | © The re:art

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Organizers: Work in Progress / Communication & PR: thereart.ro.