Yesterday Lost comic series by Giorge Roman

Since our last interview with Giorge Roman, he has been very busy cooking up a post-apocalyptic comic series – Yesterday Lost.

Here are the insights:

We know that in the past months you have been working on the “Yesterday Lost” series. Can you tell us more about the project? 

I got the idea for this comic sometime in December. I was sitting alone in the house, watching out the window at the tomb like city covered by snow, feeling sorry for humanity and then it struck me. Automatically after that I started drawing.

Yesterday Lost is a post-apocalyptic series, following the footsteps of Tito and his dog Porky, as they explore the land in search of what’s left of humanity. The story is placed in the near future. A place where a wanderer can see what the others have left behind and what significance it has at that point.

Yesterday Lost cover

Yesterday Lost cover

Till here there’s nothing special about it, it seems like your usual post-apocalyptic story, but it’s not. Two key features that differ from other PA stories is the lively colors and the amusing situations that the main character gets into. There are other important storyline features that I would not mention here because I would spoil the story, wouldn’t want that!


The story is brewed in personal experience combined with different situations in witch one can find himself in a world shattered to pieces. Sometimes if you want to pick them up you might get cut. And step by step we are going to follow our main character as he takes a dive in human nature.

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Sounds like a good read. When will the first issue be launched?

The first issue is going to come out May 11th, 2014, in the comics section on Punk Comics. In the same day I am going to announce the comic, and talk in detail about it, at the East European Comic-Con panel.  At the same event you can find me at my booth (A24) between 10-11th of May, if you want to share some thoughts or check out some prints.


You mentioned Punk Comics. What’s it all about?

The web page, Punk Comics, was originally conceived last year around this time, for another comic I’m working on called Leaking Rust. The comic is postponed, because it’s a big ass story, and it takes time to make it, so when another great idea came to mind I automatically started working at it in parallel.

Punk Comics is an indie platform for comics and much more. The site [to be launched very soon] is designed as a work in progress site, creating new features as time goes by, and in this way paying homage to web design, keeping the UX fresh and engaging. One of the next key features is going to be the Games feature. Here you can get access and information to a series of games that we are working on, the date for this is to be announced.

But why “Punk” comics? Where does the punk part come in?

Well, first I got to say I like the name, it rocks! I like the ring of it, but that’s not entirely the case here. As I said earlier, the page was originally intended for another comic, that was to be a mash up between two punk genres, and so the name came to be. But besides that, since I was a teen I grew myself up in what you could call “punk environment”, that and the affinity for the punk genres made the perfect mixture for this page to be created.

In a couple of days the web page is going up and new stuff just going to keep coming, you can keep up with the updates on our Facebook page.

All images © Giorge Roman