New works by Virginia Mori

Italian artist Virginia Mori places her female characters in bizarre, dark and often uncomfortable situations, capturing and highlighting their stillness, the few moments of revelation and the variety of emotions and experiences they unexpectedly encounter.

Recently, the artist began using color, thus increasing the visual impact of her works, showing her characters stuck in, absorbed or surrounded by color, with their faces hidden or their eyes staring into the nothingness of timeless unknown realities.

Her latest animation, as well as her book in collaboration with Virgilio Villoresi, are the results of her complex approach and creative ways of exploring and experimenting with drawing that we invite you to discover in the following selection.

V. Mori - Work in progress for upcoming exhibition in Rome, 2015

Work in progress for the artist’s upcoming exhibition in Rome, 2015

‘Haircut’ – Trailer, animated short film: traditional technique, 3000 drawings, one year of work.

Film by Virginia Mori / Production: 25 Films (France) /  France/Italy 2015

Music by Andrea Martignoni / Editing: Lola Capote Ortiz

Selected at Annecy International Animated Film Festival

V. Mori - Deadline, 2015

‘Deadline’, 2015

V. Mori - Face in fur, 2015

‘Face in fur’, 2015

Virginia Mori - Jump, 2015

‘Jump’, 2015

V. Mori - I don’t play volleyball, 2015

‘I don’t play volleyball’, 2015

V. Mori - Verde, work in progress, 2015

‘Verde’, work in progress, 2015

V. Mori - The Mirror, 2014

‘The Mirror’, 2014

‘Vento’, book in collaboration with Virgilio Villoresi

© 2014 Withstand Books. Available here.

V. Mori - Nove code, illustration from the book Vento

‘Nove code’, illustration from the book ‘Vento’

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Images © Virginia Mori

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