SETH – Walking on a dream @ Itinerrance Gallery

The solo show “Walking on a Dream” by French artist Julien Malland, known as SETH, is open at Itinerrance Gallery until April 25th, 2015 (Wed-Sat, 2pm – 7pm). The exhibition is an extraordinary visual journey into the universe of SETH, where mysterious children characters welcome the viewers to escape their present and leave behind the chaos of society in order to experience once again the innocence, purity and simplicity of life through the metaphor of childhood.

Turned around, with their eyes closed or hidden in embrace, meditative or nostalgic, these characters create a sense of both inner peace and struggle, and sometimes seem intangible, dreaming far away, in unknown realms of parallel realities, where we also notice elements from the graffiti movement.

SETH - Walking on a dream

SETH - Walking on a dream - Opening

SETH - Walking on a dream exhibition @ Itinerrance Gallery

Photos via Itinerrance Gallery

SETH @ Itinerrance Gallery

SETH @ Itinerrance Gallery

SETH @ Itinerrance Gallery

Photos via Itinerrance Gallery / Credit: Marco La Photo

SETH @ Itinerrance Gallery

Photo via SETH

SETH about the exhibition:

Video via FatCap

Before the exhibition, the artist painted the mural “Streetartism”, at Le M.U.R, Oberkampf, Paris.

SETH - “Streetartism”, at Le M.U.R, Oberkampf, Paris

SETH - “Streetartism”, at Le M.U.R, Oberkampf, Paris - Detail

Photos via SETH

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About the gallery

Established since 2004 in the 13th district in Paris, located close to the Seine and the National Library, Itinerrance Gallery is part of a growing urban culture. With its concrete walls and 6 meter high ceiling, its exhibitions which are mixing wallpaintings and artworks or canvases, have become one of the highlights of the Parisian art scene. Gallery Itinerrance’s programming is positioned exclusively in the field of Street Art. The gallery exhibits artists already well known by their artistic practice in the streets.

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