The Uncanny @ Art Yourself Gallery

‘The Uncanny’, the 9th exhibition of the project 11172014, is hosted by Art Yourself Gallery in their new space, 88 Clucerului Street, Bucharest, together with Amalia Dulhan’s solo show – ‘Love, Skin and other Fairytales’.

The Uncanny (Das Unheimliche) is a Freudian concept and describes the unsettling feeling of something being both familiar and alien at the same time, an uncomfortable and bizarre mix of unpredictable, memory and ambivalence. According to Sigmund Freud, the uncanny is “that class of the terrifying which leads back to something long known to us, once very familiar” (read essay). This recurrent theme that is often explored in visual arts, literature, cinema or architecture, is also the focus of the current group show at Art Yourself Gallery.


Aitch, Felix Aftene, Gabriel Caloian, Codruţa Cernea, Mihail Cosuleţu, Cristian Crisbăşan, Suzana Dan, Amalia Dulhan, Andreea Floreanu, Cornel Lazia, Ileana & Cătălin Oancea, Dragoş Pătraşcu, Tudor Pătraşcu, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Ioana Ursa.

Dragoș Pătrașcu

Dragoș Pătrașcu – ‘WHY’ / “I draw as if it would have consequences.”

Art Yourself Gallery

Dragoș Pătrașcu – ‘WHY’ / Cătălin Oancea – ‘Selfie chair’


© Aitch – ‘Surreal Backyard. Don’t feed them after midnight’

The Uncanny

Suzana Dan –  ‘Green dinosaurus in red landscape’ / “I peacefully live the worst nightmare of my life.”

Aitch – ‘Surreal Backyard. Don’t feed them after midnight’

Bogdan Teodorescu

Bogdan Teodorescu – ‘Lamofobia’

Ioana Ursa

Ioana Ursa

Ioana Ursa – ‘The Giant’ / “It often happens that male patients declare that they feel there is something uncanny about the female genital organs. This unheimlich place, however, is the entrance to the former heim (home) of all human beings, to the place where everyone dwelt once upon a time and in the beginning”. (Sigmund Freud)

Gabriel Caloian

Gabriel Caloian – No title

Felix Aftene

Felix Aftene – ‘The Uncanny’, part of ‘Taxidermia’ series.

Amalia Dulhan

Amalia Dulhan – ‘Lilith III’. Also view her solo show at Art Yourself Gallery here.

Cornel Lazia

Cornel Lazia – ‘Born Busy’

Andreea Floreanu

Andreea Floreanu – ‘Looking for the unknown’

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Photos and translation: The re:art. View catalog.

The exhibition can be visited until October 31st, 2014.

Find out more on Art Yourself Gallery website and Facebook page.