The Street is Ours | Exhibition

Inspired by the street movements which took place in the fall of 2013 in Romania and worldwide, related to the Roșia Montană cause, The Street is Ours exhibition (Strada e a noastră), held at Gallery IX in Bucharest, unites people and artists from different fields (photography, painting, installation, illustration and more), who supported the creative spirit of recent protests.

The exhibition is open until April 17th and will continue with debates, documentaries, live acts and more. For further info, full schedule and updates, follow the Facebook event.


Irlo x GRIG x Julay

Irlo/ GRIG / Julay


Mihai Andrei, Liviu Florin Albei, Vlad Bască, Ioana Moldovan, Radu Bădoiu, Christian Binder, Remus Boca, Vitalie Brega, Tiberiu Cimpoeru, Dominic Cristofor, Anamaria Dascălu, Bogdan Gavrilă, Cătălin Georgescu, Mario Ionescu, Cezar Alexandru Machidon, Cătălin Mărgescu, Cristian Martiș, Doru Oprișan, Vlad Petri, George Popescu, Liviu Ștef, Cristian Vasile, Sorin Vidiș, Daniel Vrăbioiu.

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră

Strada e a noastră


Pompiliu Buleu, Anca Irinciuc, Cosmin Marinescu, Ramon Sadîc, Mihai Zgondoiu, Zoiţa, Cristian Prandea.


Claudia Falutoiu, Adrian Preda, Lea Rasovszky + Adrian Popescu, Ramon Sadîc, Alexandru Potecă.

Cristian Prandea

Pompiliu Buleu

Pompiliu Buleu

Pompiliu Buleu

Pompiliu Buleu

Ramon Sadîc

Alexandru Potecă

Lea Rasovszky

Lea Rasovszky

Anca Irinciuc

Dan Perjovschi was also a supporter of the event:

Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi

Cooperativa de Artă were present with their pop-up store:

Cooperativa de Artă

Cooperativa de Artă

Photos: The re:art

Starting September, we followed the artistic results of the protests on our Facebook page. Thus, during the 2013 events, Romanian artists created illustrations, paintings, comics and more. Some of the following artists had their works featured in the exhibition.

Dan Perjovschi

© Dan Perjovschi

Matei Branea

© Matei Branea

Giorge Roman

© Giorge Roman

Mircea Pop

© Mircea Pop

Adrian Preda

Adrian Preda

© Adrian Preda

Laurentiu Ridichie

© Laurenţiu Ridichie

Sorina Vazelina

© Sorina Vazelina

Dan Creţu

© Dan Creţu



Sorin Mario Pintilii

© Sorin Mario Pintilii

Scc Comics

Scc Comics

© Scc Comics

Traian Ionescu

© Traian Ionescu

Maria Neacşu

© Maria Neacşu via Plaiurile

Paul Hitter

© Paul Hitter

Mircea Popescu

© Mircea Popescu

Anna Florea

© Anna Florea

George Roşu

© George Roşu

Stefan Lucut

© Ştefan Lucuţ


© Serebe/ Photo by Cristian Vasile


© Potop

Julien Britnic

© Julien Britnic

In the summer of 2013, at Street Delivery, a mural was painted by Irlo x Akira x Nego x Nicu din Steagu x Lucian. View the mural here.

The purpose of the article is to showcase the artistic output of the events mentioned above. For further info related to the exhibition visit Nişte Cetăţeni Facebook page.