NexT Film Festival: Then and Now

After introducing you to NexT Film Festival 2014, we’re back with news and a short then and now visual story of the festival to warm you up for the upcoming edition, between April 3rd-7th, 2014.

26 films from 18 countries, out of 1000 films submitted, will compete this year for the NexT International Film Festival awards in the International Competition.

„There is one thing that remains the same every year regarding the film selections for the competition, and it is pretty hard to measure, it is actually quite vague: their cinematic quality, their consistency as films, these matter more than their subject”, film critic Irina Trocan says.

 „I was also interested in films which approach sensitive topics of our society, some, in my opinion, too little discussed about or trivially treated in the media”, film critic Andrei Rus states.

Two Romanian titles are among the 26 competitors in the International Competition: Tomorrow, Bach…, directed by Mihnea Andrei Ciorică, and Idle, directed by Raia Al Souliman. And for the first time, NexT will also hold a Romanian competition.

Other surprises in the program:

NexT Look – 15 ingenious, sensual or dark films divided into two programs: Body Image and Sparkle.

NexT Is Love – 10 surprising stories and views about love.

Also on the list:

Special guest at their seminars is Oscar nominated British filmmaker Peter Webber, director of Girl with a Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising.

Here is a short history of the NexT IFF official spots – concept and animation by Matei Branea:

And here are the official festival posters:

NexT Film Festival 2014

NexT 2013

NexT 2012

NexT 2011

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NexT 2009

NexT 2008

NexT 2007

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