Stanislav Cebanenco and Cornel Lazia @ Art Yourself

Art Yourself Gallery hosts two exhibitions – ‘Self searching’ by Stanislav Cebanenco and ‘Aflora’ by Cornel Lazia, running through April 4th, 2015 (88 Clucerului Street, Bucharest).


Stanislav Cebanenco – Self searching

The complex drawings of young artist Stanislav Cebanenco reflect the path towards rediscovering and accepting the self, who we are, what we sincerely feel and love, to regaining our natural state of mind and inner peace. He becomes a storyteller, yet not of fairy tales, irretrievable or impossible worlds, but of emotions, memories, thoughts and experiences, some amusing, others nostalgic and mysterious. Although he has a very personal approach, the works of Stanislav Cebanenco can be defined as a mirror of our own moments of happiness or unease, of struggle or relief.

Stanislav Cebanenco - Doamna cu masca, 2014

‘Doamna cu masca’

S. Cebanenco - Soacra, 2015


S. Cebanenco - No title, 2015

No title

S. Cebanenco - Dor, 2013


Images: Art Yourself Gallery

S. Cebanenco - Martorul / detail

‘Martorul’ (detail)

S. Cebanenco - Question


S. Cebanenco - Mickey


Photos: The re:art

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Cornel Lazia – Aflora

With his photographic series ‘Aflora’, Cornel Lazia reveals the essence of the subtle connections existing between man and nature. Through various impressive juxtapositions, the exhibition highlights the fragility and force, the energy and beauty of plants and transfers all this to the urban landscape, transformed into a realm of flowers, while at the same time human forms derive from natural patterns that also stand as a metaphor reflecting man’s potential to grow in life.

Cornel Lazia - Sunday 8 am

‘Sunday 8 AM’

Cornel Lazia - Emerge


Cornel Lazia - Textured memories

‘Textured memories’

Cornel Lazia - By the very first bloom

‘By the very first bloom’

Images: Art Yourself Gallery

Cornel Lazia - Green wave / Emerge 2

‘Green wave’ / ‘Emerge 2’. Photo: The re:art

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