MANIFESTO project and exhibition – FIFTY24MX Gallery

MANIFESTO is an initiative of FIFTY24MX Gallery addressing the current social and political situation in Mexico and using art to encourage people to reflect on these aspects through an exhibition and the interventions of various artists in the public space, which started in February 2015.

“The political, social and economic system seems to show their lack of efficiency. The future looks uncertain and we encounter a lack of practical proposals to generate a necessary change. We are exhausting the natural resources of our planet, under the idea of exploitation as our only way to produce, meanwhile the social and economical structures are clinging at a materialistic model where the distribution of the natural resources is more chaotic and the social web is tearing apart, creating injustice.

The dominant ideology is present in the media in an elite that promote values, which exalt beauty, ignorance, ephemeral success and a lack of spirituality. The poverty grows in the world: 200 millions of Latin Americans are in risk of poverty. In Mexico 45.5% of population presents a deficit in health, social security, education and housing. The most vulnerable group is the children and women. Depression affects more than 350 millions of people in the world, in Mexico are believed to affect 20% of the population.

In Mexico, on September 26th, 2014, a series of violent events involving the local authorities of the city of Iguala in the state of Guerrero ended up in the disappearance of 43 students. This situation exposed a deep crisis in the power structures that has shaken the opinions worldwide and have created a movement with the society to speak out.” (text via FIFTY24MX Gallery)


Ciler / Image via FIFTY24MX Gallery

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