The brilliant works of Romina Ressia

In the vision of Argentinian photographer Romina Ressia, everybody has a mask. She refers to these masks as defense mechanisms, that people use to not feel and look weak in front of others. Indeed, at the core of today’s society stands the obsession with how we look, dress, talk, act, always dependent on what others would think or say about us. With our personal image constantly under surveillance and clear rules to obey in order to gain social acceptance, it is hard to distinguish between the real self and the constructed identity/ identities that we embrace to please the other.

And the idea of beauty becomes a powerful influence from an early age. So, for example, when Romina Ressia stages the death of icon Wonder Woman, shown as old and imperfect, she actually reveals how certain values become undoubted facts in our collective memory: As many other children, I have grown with the ideal of omnipotence, beauty, physical and supernatural powers. I have been told that evil never wins; that if I am in a dangerous situation, somebody else will save me, and that all stories have a happy ending… This project explores how we stand faced to the real world, as individuals, with the baggage we bring, which has been inculcated to us through cartoons, comics and fictional characters throughout our childhood. Explore how strongly those values and beliefs have been incorporated into the collective memory to the point that, to see these photographs, causes me opposed feelings. Even when I knew that the model was having fun at the time of shooting and the coffin was a simple prop made by me in Styrofoam.

Then, there is her passion for classic art, with a strong influence by the Renaissance. But instead of following stereotypes, she brings a fresh air to the classic style, mixing cubism with Renaissance postures and portraits or adding brushstrokes to cover the face or other features of her models.

Another interest is the past and our nostalgic recall of a time when things were more natural: Things used to be made with great materials for lasting a long time, while today everything seems to be disposable. But would this evolution have been otherwise if history were not as it is? Romina Ressia is interested in recreating the past and present, in a fun and brilliant way.

Discover her extraordinary award-winning works in the following selection.

Romina Ressia

Black Box’ / Part of Renaissance Cubism series

What do you hide

Red Flowers / Part of What do you hide? series

How would have been

How would have been

Works part of How would have been? series

Renaissance Brushstrokes

Renaissance Brushstrokes

Works part of Renaissance Brushstrokes series



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