The works of Paweł Borkowski aka FRM

The works of Polish artist Paweł Borkowski, also known as FRM, include excellent thought-provoking graphic art, design and murals. For his outdoor activity, he often collaborates with Otecki.

Among the themes that seem to interest him, we find constant references to human limitations, to the freedom and constraints of the mind, of our thoughts and beliefs, and the connection between man and nature.

The cage and human-bird hybrids are often used as symbols. When inside a cage, his characters are sometimes torn apart, disconnected, and wandering unconsciously in absurd labyrinth-like architectural structures.

It is a world full of hidden messages, and probably a reflection of the relationship that exists between man, reality and his inner universe.


Drawings & Prints


Paweł Borkowski

Untitled, ink on paper, 50x70 cm, 2011

50x70 cm, ink on paper, 2011


Illustration. 65x35 cm, ink on paper, 2010





City Bilder Dresden / FRM & Otecki

City Bilder Dresden / with Otecki. View more here.

Wrocław, 2011 / FRM & Otecki. Photo: W. Kolacz

Wrocław, 2011 / with Otecki. Photo: W. Kolacz.

FRM and Otecki / Warsaw, 2011

FRM and Otecki / Warsaw, 2011

Warsaw, 2011 / with Otecki

FRM and Otecki, 2011

With Otecki, 2011

Gdansk, 2011

Gdańsk, 2011

FRM and Otecki, 2010

With Otecki, 2010

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