Pablo Benzo – Willow Waltz @ BC Gallery

The solo show ‘Willow Waltz’ by Chilean artist Pablo Benzo is on view at BC Gallery Berlin through February 11th, 2017 (Wed–Sat, 1–6 pm, Libauer Strasse 14; closed from December 24th to January 11th). The exhibition presents the artist’s latest oil paintings and wooden sculptures, revealing an abstract version of natural elements and human emotions.

The idea of still life – reminding of the traditional vases with once blooming and colourful flowers – is reinterpreted so that the viewer becomes absorbed by an intriguing vision of decay, of a slow fade away to perhaps result in an unanticipated rebirth of form. We witness a process, a transition in terms of perception, while experiencing the confusing situations of silly romances and gestures of gentle movement in what initially feels like a static representation of inanimate objects.

Pablo Benzo, who even includes an optimistic depiction of himself and his heart among the willows dancing the waltz, fills the empty space of the gallery with his visual imaginarium evoking a state of reverie, and invites visitors to meditate on a symphony of both broken and unbreakable dreams.

Pablo Benzo - Willow Waltz

Willow Waltz, oil on canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, 2016

Pablo Benzo - Symphony of Dry Movements

Symphony of Dry Movements, oil on canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, 2016

Pablo Benzo - Silly Sentimental Stories

Silly Sentimental Stories, painted wooden sculpture, 60 x 30 x 30 cm, 2016

Pablo Benzo - BC Gallery

My Broken Heart, oil on canvas, 65 cm x 53 cm, 2016
The Optimistic Version of Me, oil on canvas, 50 cm x 40 cm, 2016

Pablo Benzo - BC Gallery

Installation view

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Images courtesy of BC Gallery.

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