OTHER aka Troy Lovegates @ Parentheses

Parentheses Gallery is hosting a new solo exhibition by OTHER, also known as Troy Lovegates, a recent guest on The re:art, from December 20th, 2014 to January 23rd, 2015.

The exhibition features works created over the year by the artist in his travels by train across North America, painting large scale murals or taking part in various international solo and group shows. In the time he spent on the rails, he focused on painting, drawing, and carving into wood and linoleum, works that are available to view and purchase in his current show.

We like this collection because it speaks of human spirituality and duality, human falling and drowning in today’s social context, the lost (and found) connection between man and nature, about ancient spirits and contemporary demons.

Troy Lovegates




Clockwork Clouds

‘Clockwork Clouds’

The Hoodie

‘The Hoodie’



The Thinker

‘The Thinker’



This Man is an Island

‘This Man is an Island’

Shuttle Cock Head

‘Shuttle Cock Head’

Split Head

‘Split Head’



The Rock

‘The Rock’

Square Tongued Man

‘Square Tongued Man’





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Works © OTHER / Troy Lovegates / Images via the gallery.

View more and find out which are still available for purchase here.

More works by the artist on his Flickr and Instagram.