Moonassi – DRAW A CURTAIN @ Lateral ArtSpace

Lateral ArtSpace hosts DRAW A CURTAIN, the first solo show in Europe of Seoul-based artist Daehyun Kim, known as Moonassi, on view through October 22nd, 2015 (Fabrica de Pensule, 1st Floor, 59-61 Henri Barbusse Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

The exhibition reflects the artist’s thoughts, feelings and concerns regarding human communication, what connects and especially what disconnects us in our relationship with the other, the differences between what we say and think, how we prefer hiding behind a curtain, afraid to actually experience life and emotion together, unwilling to understand each other, to stay and listen. A result of perceiving the outside as separated and sometimes opposite to the meaning of “me”. Thus, we deliver distorted messages, unrealistic expectations, building a false image of who we are, distancing ourselves not only from the other, but also from our inner world.

“I am always interested in the differences between the two. Me and others, two different kind of people, two different personalities in one person. We communicate with each other in our own language because we all agreed to use words with the same meaning. But we also know that it can be wrong. Sometimes we say, I want something, although we really don’t want it. Sometimes we say yes, while we don’t agree with something. But people don’t seem to mind this difference between inside and outside. I think we communicate with each other in good understanding of this gap. I want to show this dual communication inside and outside, depicting the transparent veil each of us have.” – Daehyun Kim

Moonassi - Curtain Call

Daehyun Kim - CURTAIN CALL / Lateral ArtSpace

CURTAIN CALL, installation, 2015, digital print on ramie fabric, 430 x 350 cm

Daehyun Kim - SNEAK PEEK / Lateral ArtSpace

Daehyun Kim - SNEAK PEEK / Lateral ArtSpace - Opening

SNEAK PEEK, 2015, wall painting, acrylic on wall, 42 x 29.7 cm

Daehyun Kim - PAIN-PROOF, 2014

Moonassi - ILLUSION ABOUT BEYOND - detail / Lateral ArtSpace

PAIN-PROOF, 2014 / WEARING ME, 2011, pen and marker on paper, 42 x 29.7 cm

ILLUSION ABOUT BEYOND, 2015, pen, marker, and ink on paper, 37.5 x 56.5 cm

Daehyun Kim - WE’RE WRINKLED / Lateral ArtSpace


WE’RE WRINKLED, 2015, pen and marker on paper, 56.5 x 37.5 cm

A TALE OF TWO TWINS, 2015, pen and marker on paper, 56.5 x 38.5 cm

Daehyun Kim

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Images of works © Moonassi. Photos with the exhibition view courtesy of Lateral ArtSpace.

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