Mihai Rotaru enjoys composing reality in a frame

Mihai Rotaru (b. 1988, Ploiești, Romania) works mostly on film cameras: “I enjoy composing patiently in a frame the reality I live in. I like both photojournalism and fine-art photography and my aim is to gently combine them”.

Portrait, 2012

Portrait, 2012

Towards Nowhere series

Part of “Towards Nowhere” series

“Timeless and spaceless places. Any alive presence is welcomed as long as it doesn’t disturbs, it must gentle complete the space.”

C1 TEI series

Part of the “C1 TEI” series

“The project presents a personal experience of the five years spent living in C1 Tei student hostel. Between 2007 and 2013 I changed three rooms and several roommates. All these years I had been constantly taking photographs of them which present not only their lives and moments spent together, but also what I came to regard as a way of life”.

The Dorm Rooms

The Dorm Rooms [ongoing series]

”Living for five years in a student hostel, I was fascinated how a room change its appearance in time. Every year, a room gets from minor to major changes depending on its inhabitants”.

Bucharest, 2012

Bucharest, 2012

Mihai Rotaru

Ploiești, 2012

Sibiu, 2011

Sibiu, 2011

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