Alina Filipoiu | Interview

We’ve been following Alina Filipoiu’s activity for some time now. Here are a few highlights about a very talented illustrator in an exclusive interview for The re:art.

Illustration appeared naturally in your activity as a result of your imagination, without academic training in this regard (you actually studied architecture). How was the process of growing your passion as a self-taught artist?  

The approach was fluid, not a forced one. I used to draw when I was a child, went to drawing classes and my teachers would encourage me to participate in competitions, although they wouldn’t recommend choosing an artistic path.

I was always told that I cannot count on art in life, so I chose to study architecture. It turned out to be a good choice for me, as I learned basic notions about graphics, color and composition. I continued with illustrated collages, just for fun, and decided to apply to the 2011 Inspired contest – Illustration section.

I prepared works on the theme launched by them and I seemed to be doing well, as I took 3rd place. That was the moment when I decided to continue. I was lucky to always be surrounded by people who encouraged me, and that turned me into a little workaholic, and everything went better than I had planned.

Self portrait

You mentioned several times that it is important for people to create their own story. How does your story look?

With lots of zebras and dots. Just kidding. My story is monochrome with color accents, characters and personalities, fictional or not. The story changes quite often, it is clear that I am a “Day dream believer” and it helped me a lot.

Alina Filipoiu

Dali is one of your favorite artists. What fascinates you about Dali?

I always loved to lose myself in the works of Dali. He has a very complex composition, with small details that tell a different story than the painting itself. I loved to sit and look for all the hidden things and I enjoyed to see that I always had something new to discover each time a returned to one of his works.  You can never get bored.

You had many collaborations with various publications (magazines, newspapers etc.). What project have you been most pleased of in this respect, and if you don’t have a favorite, what did all these collaborations mean to you?

Each collaboration is a “new challenge” and although the pitches are quite limited and highly targeted, I always tried to impose my style and create illustrations that reflect my story.

Post-apocalyptic version of an illustration for GQ

I think the most important works were the illustrations for Dash Magazine, the fashion magazine in London, and the artwork for the Roger Waters concert. It was the first time I was contacted by a major advertising agency and that was a big step in my career.

You’ve recently dedicated yourself to another project: 441 Design Studio. What is the direction you want to follow with this project?

441 Design Studio is very dear to me. It’s more than a project, it’s my firm and the firm of my friends. We are a team of 4 people passionate about design, three architects and a graphic designer, and try to deal with everything related to design. I know “everything related to design” sounds weird, but when all 4 of us put our minds together, we really are confident that we can create even “a little beauty”.

441 means architecture, object design, branding, installation, street art, photography, web design and illustration of course.

Day dream believer

Plans for the future?

There are still many things I want to do. I wish to illustrate a book in the near future, but if we’re talking about “the big picture” I want to collaborate more often with large advertising agencies, not only from Romania. Besides, I admit, that it would “tickle my pride” to be featured in the “200 Best Illustrators in the World”.





All images © Alina Filipoiu.

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[Originally posted on October 8, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].