Mágoz: Conceptual illustrations

Conveying complex aspects of life and contemporary society through his unique approach aiming for minimalism and simplicity, Spanish illustrator Mágoz creates thought-provoking works using powerful visual metaphors and distinctive colors, without strokes, gradients or ornaments, yet enriched with meaning.

The few elements and limited color palette, as well as the clever use of negative space, have a direct impact on the viewer, summarizing ideas and making it easier for the audience to understand and relate to the work. Intentionally concise and reduced to their essence, the illustrations of Mágoz invite the viewer to add the missing details, to think, learn and act.

Magoz - Learn from others

‘Learn from others’, illustration for The Chronicle. Art director: Scott Seymour, April 2014.

Learn from failure

‘Learn from failure’, Strategy + Business. Art director: Kira Csakany, September 2013.

“Nothing fails like success because we don’t learn from it. We learn only from failure.”

Replicate this, 2013

‘Replicate this’, Pacific Standard. Art director: Craig Edwards, January 2013.

Fear of happiness, 2013

‘Fear of happiness’, Scientific American. Art director: Patti Nemoto, September 2013.

The debt, 2013

‘The debt’, The Wall Street Journal. Art director: Mark Tyner, February 2013.

Think and act. Unfinished purposes.

‘Think and act. Unfinished purposes.’, personal work, July 2011.

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Images © Mágoz

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