The organized chaos of Luke Ramsey

Today’s society is a fast forward chaos where people are running back and forth with smartphones in their hands, and there are a million ‘i’s that we feel attached to – pads, pods, phones, tunes, while actually neglecting the one ‘I’, ourselves. And it is somehow ironic that, although the internet seems to be all about connecting people, with the rise of so powerful social networks, that have become of such importance to us that we cannot imagine life without, human relations are now more superficial and less about learning, listening and understanding each other, but more about random likes, comments, shares, tiny hearts and the right emoticon at the right time.

So, in this chaos resulting from the rather narrow ways of seeing and thinking today, Canadian based artist Luke Ramsey believes that art brings people together. He is the creator of “organized chaos”, a thought provoker who is not afraid to experiment, patient to reach the result of his complex and highly detailed drawings, illustrations and murals, which show his interest in nature, the environment, in the factors that generate inner and general chaos.

He is co-founder of Island Fold arts residency in Pender Island, B.C, Canada, where he currently lives. He enjoys collaborating with other artists (view collaborative projects).

In 2013, he had a very interesting exhibition, called Off Lines, here is the story behind the concept.


Other works:



Luke Ramsey illustration

Truther Dares




Inside Look

Luke Ramsey

The Drake


Four Legs

All images © Luke Ramsey

Find out more on his website, Instagram, Ello.