The works of Daniel Muñoz “SAN”

The works of Spanish artist Daniel Muñoz “SAN” – murals, paintings, drawings – all share powerful messages related to current issues of society, human behavior and different aspects of relations within social groups or masses of people, unconsciously responding to how they are told to think and act.

One of the recurring elements is the mask, the illusion behind which some of his characters hide their true intentions. On the other hand, there are those put under surveillance and instruction, faithful puppets to their masters, fighting to achieve material goals, emotionless, the human heard feeding from the mirage offered by those who reign. And when placing arms or other kind of weapons in these careless human hands, the actions of man seem rather destructive. There is often a tension in the works of Daniel Muñoz “SAN” resulting from the unusual or unexpected ways he represents the characters or certain situations, which are in fact inspired from reality.


Daniel Munoz SAN

Daniel Munoz Spain

 11 figures working in a corner / Blanca, Spain. 2014

Street Art Madrid

street art Spain

Madrid, Spain. 2013

street art France

Niort, France. 2013

SAN street art

Miajadas, Spain. 2009

SAN mural

Cartagena, Spain. 2009

Street art in LA

Los Angeles, USA. 2008

mural in Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain. 2008



Jesters, 2009

Acrylic on canvas

Instructor 2, 2009

Daniel Munoz painting

Gun, 2009


Pygmalion 3, 2009


Daniel Munoz

Assembly n.2, 2013


The Fountain, 2010

The emancipation of faithfuls

The emancipation of faithfuls, 2010


I am what I interpret

I am what I interpret, 2009

All images © Daniel Muñoz “SAN”

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