The powerful imagery of José Luis López Galván

In the works of Mexican artist José Luis López Galván, humans become their own parasites.

Some paintings remind us of the Homo homini lupus est Latin phrase, through the image of the mythological lycanthrope, as they bring to light the monsters dwelling inside us.

We like how the artist deconstructs or intertwines his hybrid creatures, the rich surrealist imagery, with dark and sometimes erotic references and the symbols used to communicate concepts of death, fear, hypocrisy and the “sins” of man.

José Luis López Galván



Dios, 2013

contemporary art

Traje de yo, 2013

contemporary art

Autoparasitoide, 2013

war in art

Plano de guerra, 2013

contemporary art

En la boca del lobo, 2012

erotic art

Coleccionista, 2012


El desarme, 2012


La fabrica, 2011


Licántropos, 2011

contemporary art virgin

La virgen de la cuchara, 2010

dialogue painting

Dialogo, 2010

All images © José Luis López Galván

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