Guda Koster: Clothing as identity marker

With her installations, sculptures and photographs, Dutch artist Guda Koster transforms the human body and attaches a new identity to her characters or to herself, using clothing as the main visual art form, patterns and colours to create surreal stories.

It is the outfit that defines daily life, our social position, the interaction with others and how we see ourselves. Often exaggerated, with humorous twists, reality is distorted or, better said, cleverly organized into codes and meanings which we can unriddle by focusing on the setting or the fabrics usually sewed by the artist herself.

The illusion and contrast between what is visible and what is invisible is also something that Guda Koster likes to play with. The impossibility of seeing the face of the subjects, covered with small houses, geometric shapes or certain burdens of social or religious nature, erases the limits between man and context, raises the mystery and appetite to learn more, offering the work an universal value.

living sculpture

Believe, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty, 2014

living sculpture

Stairway to heaven, 2013

Guda Koster

Girl, 2013


Boxer, 2013

house dress

Red with white dots, 2012

Paradise 2.0

Paradise 2.0, 2012


Snow-white, 2011


Twin, 2011

Guda Koster

Well dressed, 2011

All images © Guda Koster

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