Artscape 2014 Recap

ARTSCAPE 2014 international street art festival was held earlier this year, in May, in Malmö, Sweden, with renowned artists such as Phlegm, CYRCLE., Faith47, Isaac Cordal and more.

The murals and installations offer an extraordinary visual experience, from the highly detailed characters of Phlegm to the powerful piece of CYRCLE., the miniature sculptures of Isaac Cordal, the conscious art of Faith47 to the colourful knitting gun of Magda Sayeg or the origami street art of Mademoiselle Maurice.

Here are some highlights, including the story behind the accidental removal of Stinkfish’s wall.

Phlegm Artscape 2014




Phlegm / Photos via the artist

Cyrcle Sweden


CYRCLE. – Collapse Part I, painted on the facade of the Modern Art Museum Moderna Museet Malmö / Part of the OVERTHRONE Campaign / Photos via CYRCLE. View Collapse Part II series.

Isaac Cordal Artscape

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal / Photos: Emil Malmborg / View more

Faith47 Artscape


Faith47 / Photos via Artscape

D*Face Malmo


D*FaceLast Embrace Before Departure / Photos via Artscape

Shalak Attack, Fiya Bruxa, Amara Por Dios, Bruno Smoky

Shalak Attack, Fiya Bruxa, Amara Por Dios & Bruno Smoky / Photo: Stig Olson via Artscape

Shalak Attack, Fiya Bruxa, Amara Por Dios & Bruno Smoky

Photo via Artscape

Magda Sayeg gun

Magda Sayeg / Photo via Artscape

Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak / Photo via Artscape

Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice / Photo via Artscape

Above street art

Above / Photo via Artscape


SMUG / Photo via Artscape

During the festival the Stinkfish wall got buffed by mistake. With half of the wall painted over, a local artist painted the sign “Loading…” above what was left of the mural. Fortunately, the artist was invited back in Malmö and he is now working on new pieces, which hopefully will be safe this time.


Stinkfish Artscape

Info and photos via Pinterest

Stinkfish street art


Stinkfish – New murals (work in progress) / Photos via Artscape

Find out more about ARTSCAPE 2014 on their website, on Facebook and Instagram.