The powerful works of Francesco Albano

In the sculptures of Francesco Albano, psychological trauma, emotions, inner scars and conflicts take a physical form, of skin and bones, a grotesque yet compelling representation of a suspended transition from night to day, a moment of “twilight” and paralysis, of pressure, limit and captivity, when light vaguely exists, but not as promise of revival.

The body rests powerless, imprisoned, kneeling or slowly dripping down, distorted with traces of anorexia, obesity and great suffering, and dissolved facial features, impossible to link to a certain identity. The cages and furniture enforce the message of the artworks or amplify the absurd human condition and the imminent fall from a fragile and unstable throne. No treatment can heal the wounds and the violence affecting these damned creatures, their soul and mind. Influences from the philosophical, mystical and spiritual, as well as scientific theories, psychological studies and real life stories combine to create an unsettling and thought-provoking sight.

The works of Francesco Albano will be on view from February 25th to March 3rd, 2016, at Öktem&Aykut contemporary art gallery in Istanbul, where the artist has been working since 2010.

Francesco Albano - On the Eve

FrancescoAlbano - On the Eve / detail

‘On the Eve’, 2013, wax, polyester resin, iron, ceramic, 175 cm x 166 cm x 230 cm

FrancescoAlbano - The Age of Games has gone

‘The Age of Games has gone’, 2013, wax, polyester resin, ceramic plates, rope, 135 cm x 29 cm x 35 cm

FrancescoAlbano - One of These Days

‘One of These Days’, 2013,wax, polyester resin, chair, 122 cm x 70 cm x 76 cm

FrancescoAlbano - Ophelia

‘Ophelia’, 2011, wax, polyester resin, wood, 160 cm x 65 cm x 60 cm

FrancescoAlbano - Amulet Series - Self Portrait Sept 2nd 2010

‘Amulet Series – Self Portrait Sept 2nd 2010’, 2011, wax, polyester resin, rope, iron, 220 cm x 60 cm

FrancescoAlbano - When Everyday Was Thursday

‘When Everyday Was Thursday’, 2010, wax, polyester resin, wood, 97 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm

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Images © Francesco Albano

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